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On the Cover: Put Ceramics in Your Garden

Nola Matson shares how to decorate your garden with ceramics. Cover art by Robert L. Creager.


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In this issue:




Antique Pottery by Bim and Doris Newman




Mosaics by Sally Gallaway




Terra Sigillata by Mary Elliott


Underglazes: Jewelry demonstrated by Marc Bellaire


Outdoor Ceramics: Ceramics Decorate Your Garden; Put Sculpture Outdoors  by Nola Matson


Enameling: Cloisonne Plaques demonstrated by Nelly Allan


Strictly Stoneware: Slips and Engobes by F. Carlton Ball


Show Time


Garden Plaques by Mildred and Vernon Seeley


Answers to Questions conducted by Ken Smith


Overglaze: Naturalistic Painting by Zena Holst


Enameler’s Column by Kathe Berl