Focus: The Potter’s Life

Our annual feature with advice, reflection and insights by working potters on how they balance life, work, studio, art, tough choices, easy choices, and how others might do the same.


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Emerging Artists

Even if it weren’t spring, we would be celebrating new growth and possibilities. This year’s group of emerging artists work in all manner of established ceramic processes, while expanding what it means to be working in clay in the twenty-first century.


Jenny Mendes: From Center to Surface by Katey Schultz
An artist who works intuitively discusses her attraction to clay as a medium that can remove barriers between self and material.


Jack Doherty: Brightness and Rightness by Helen Bevis
A potter limits his materials and processes in order to push his work beyond practice to a place where virtuosity becomes possible. monthly methods Single Mindedness by Jack Doherty


Jeff Pender: Mining the Magic by Linda Luis Brown
With a healthy respect for childlike curiosity and exploration, a sculptor plumbs the depths of ritual and mysticism. monthly methods An Eye for Surface


Evolving Traditions by Joe Molinaro
A pottery tradition adapts as modern life encroaches on an indigenous Amazonian culture.


Patrick Siler: The Times and the Timeless by Glen R. Brown
A monumental project remained partially complete for more than a decade. Recently, the last of four ceramic walls was fired, after having been glazed and left in a basement for fifteen years. Talk about slow drying!


Tammie Rubin’s Aviary by Matthew Kangas
An artist’s most recent body of work uses imagery derived from plastic containers, packaging and replicas of natural objects to portray imaginary bird forms.


Vincent R. Clemente by Bryan McGrath
A potter and instructor of thirty years continues to thrive on unpredictability and surprise. recipes Landshark Blue Liner Glaze for Salt




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