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Surface Decoration Video: Exploring Options for Layering Screen Printed Images on Clay

This past summer, I had the pleasure of spending a couple of days with Paul Andrew Wandless to film an instructional DVD on screenprinting on clay. A few weeks back, we shared an excerpt from the DVD as a preview, which you can check out in the archives. I am happy to say that the DVDs have arrived in the warehouse and are now shipping!


In any video production, there are inevitably parts that get left on the cutting room floor. But lucky for us, they don’t have to be lost forever because we can share them on Ceramic Arts Daily – which is what I will do today. In this clip, Paul demonstrates how screens and stencils can be layered to add more impact to an image. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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In this video, Paul uses screens he made from these black and white images of a fly swatter. The image on the right is the complete intact fly swatter. In the image on the left, Paul intentionally blew out some of the detail in a photo editing program so that he could layer the two images and add more depth and interest to his prints.


He explains how to make the screens in his full-length DVD Fundamentals of Screen Printing on Clay.



Fundamentals of Screen Printing on Clay
with Paul Andrew Wandless

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