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Going Local: How to Dig and Process Your Own Clay

Graham Sheehan pours some local clay through a sieve.

Graham Sheehan pours some local clay through a sieve.

There is an abundance of clay in my area, and I have occasionally thought about making work out of local clay, but the process seemed intimidating, so I never actually tried it (or maybe it was just pure laziness!). But as Graham Sheehan demonstrates in today’s video clip, the process is not all that difficult. It might not be practical for everyone, but if you’re willing to do a little bit of manual labor, digging your own clay can be a great way to create an even closer connection to the work you make, and help lessen your carbon footprint in the process. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

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This clip was excerpted from Getting Started With Clay, with Graham Sheehan, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.

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