Today’s pottery video features San Jose de Gracia, Mexico, potter Pedro Hernandez Carlos and his extended family demonstrating the methods of creating the beautiful and unique “pineapple” pots, for which they have become known. Excerpted from “Pottery of Mexico: The Pineapples of San Jose de Gracia and Patamban,” a new documentary produced by Texas potter Lisa Orr, the clip shows how Pedro uses local clay and pottery making techniques that have been in his family for generations.


In addition to the video, we’ve put together a series of images depicting the process below.- Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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This clip was excerpted from the full-length DVD “Pottery of Mexico: The Pineapples of San Jose de Gracia and Patamban,” a documentary produced by potter Lisa Orr, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.


Pedro spreads powdered clay on his work surface so the moist clay will not stick to it.
Using a flat stone, Pedro pounds out the clay into a slab.
He carefully places the slab into a bisque-fired mold of half of a pot.
Next, Pedro cleans up and smoothes out the inside of the pot.
Pedro prepares to attach the two halves of the pot to one another to form a whole pot.
Pedro seals the seams on the inside of the pot so the two halves become one whole pot.
Pedro’s son Rogelio works on the decoration of the pineapple lid.
Sprigs sit ready for application on the main body of the pot.
Finished Pineapple Pots fresh from the kiln.


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