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Pottery Video of the Week: How to Combine Homemade Customizable Underglaze Transfers With Paper Stencils for a Beautiful Layered Effect

When I first saw Erin Furimsky demonstrate at a Potters Council workshop, it really opened up a door for me in my work. I had been wanting to create pictorial imagery on my work, but was not having much luck with it. This was probably because I’m not the best at drawing on flat paper, let alone on a curved, three-dimensional surface.


That’s where image transfer techniques come in. There are many different techniques for doing image transfers on clay and, in today’s video (filmed at that Potters Council conference I mentioned earlier), Erin demonstrates one of my favorites. This one allows you to make your own personalized transfer paper, kind of like the rice paper transfers that are available commercially. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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To learn more about Erin Furimsky, or see images of her work, please visit www.erinfurimsky.com.


Detail of finished tile with addtional decoration, by Erin Furimsky.

Detail of finished tile with additional decoration and clear glaze, by Erin Furimsky.