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How to Make a Platter Using a Slump Mold

Posted By Jennifer Harnetty On September 10, 2012 @ 10:09 am In Daily,Features,Slab Rollers | 9 Comments


Slab building is one of the most exciting ways to make work with clay. And if you prefer more instant gratification than you can get from a wheel, slab building is a great way to go.


Finding slump and hump molds in interesting shapes at thrift shops and dollar stores is a great way to build with slabs. In today’s post, an excerpt reprinted from Daryl Baird’s popular book From a Slab of Clay and reprinted in our latest free download A Guide to Slab Rollers Tips for Buying or Building a Slabroller, and Three Slab Pottery Projects, Daryl shares a simple platter project from a found slump mold. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.




Traditionally, platters have been made by laying a large slab of clay into a large, shallow mold and trimming the edge in the same way the excess dough is trimmed from the crust of a pie. This demonstration presents an alternative approach—the slab is trimmed and its edge finished before it’s placed in the mold, and all of the decorating is done while the slab lays flat on the table. 


Step 1. Roll out a slab of clay on construction paper just under ½ inch thick. Spray water on the surface and smooth it.


Paint edge trimmer
construction paper
shallow plastic platter
water-filled spray bottle
small knife
needle tool
dry cleaning bag (2)
paint stir sticks (4)



This demonstration is one of 16 how-to demonstrations in Daryl Baird’s hot-selling new book From a Slab of Clay
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For more interesting slab roller techniques, download your free copy of A Guide to Slab Rollers Tips for Buying or Building a Slabroller, and Three Slab Pottery Projects. 





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