Copper Matt Raku, cone 010—06
Glaze Material
Bone Ash 33%
Gerstley Borate 67
Add: Copper Carbonate 8%
Cobalt Carbonate 2%
White Crackle Raku, cone 010—06
Glaze Material Percentage
Barium Carbonate 15%
Gerstley Borate 40
Nepheline Syenite 35
silica 10

The copper matt glaze produces a range of colors, including lusters and opalescence, and is very receptive to post-fire reduction. Apply a thin coat of glaze then wipe off with a dry towel to achieve a matt, speckled surface. Use in combination with the white crackle glaze for a mottled effect.

This recipe is included in 10 Tried and True Raku Glaze Recipes: Recipe Cards for our Favorite Raku Pottery Ceramic Glazes, which is free to Ceramic Arts Daily subscribers.

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