Matt “B” Glaze Cone 6 Oxidation
Glaze Material
Lithium Carbonate 2.7%
Strontium Carbonate 26.5
Nepheline Syenite 57.5
Kentucky Ball Clay (OM 4) 6.2
Flint 7.1
Total 100.0%
Bentonite 3.0


The matt quality of this glaze is easily affected by colorants, so variations have different surface qualities as well as colors.
For Dark Green Add: For Orange Add:
Copper Carbonate 3% Encapsulated Orange Stain 5%
Nickel Oxide 2% Zirconium Yellow Stain 5%

This recipe is included in Top Ten Cone 6 Glaze Recipes: Recipe Cards for Our Favorite Mid-Range Pottery Glazes, which is free to Ceramic Arts Daily subscribers.

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