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Glazed and Confused? How to Mix a Color Blend and Interpret the Results

Posted By Jennifer Harnetty On May 3, 2013 @ 10:53 am In Daily,Features,Glaze Chemistry,Video | 3 Comments

Last summer we traveled to the awesome Bakersville, North Carolina, studio of John Britt to tap into his vast knowledge of glaze chemistry for a glazing DVD. I am super stoked to announce its release today! And, I may be a bit biased, but I think it will be a fabulous resource for anyone who wants to delve deeper into glazing, but finds the subject too intimidating.


In today’s video, I am sharing a clip (and a recipe) from it. In this (much condensed) clip, John shares his simple system for mixing up a color blend and tells us what to make of the results. Have a look and then mix up your own color blend and see what you get. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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This clip was excerpted from Understanding Glazes: How to Test, Tweak, and Perfect Your Glazes, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore! (ships next week!)

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Remember: Glazing results can vary, so mix up your own color blend using this 5X20 glaze recipe and the following colorants, and see what you get!


1) Base only

2) Yellow Iron 2 %

3) Red Iron Oxide 3% & Titanium Dioxide 4 %.

4) Rutile 4 % and Cobalt Carbonate 1 %.

5) Zircopax 7%. 6) Chrome oxide 0.5%.

7) Copper Carbonate 3.5 %

8) Chrome 0.2 % and Tin Oxide 7.5 %.

9) Cobalt Carbonate 0.75 %.

10) Any stain 6 %.


To learn more about John Britt or to see more images of his work, please visit www.johnbrittpottery.com.


For more interesting ceramic glazing techniques, download your free copy of Four Great Ceramic Glazing Techniques: How to Formulate Successful Crystalline Glazes, add Depth Through Carving and Layering, and Glaze in the Majolica Style.


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