A ceramic artist at work in the Origen Studio in Bogata, Colombia.

A ceramic artist at work in the Origen Studio in Bogota, Colombia.

Today I wanted to send out a friendly reminder for our next video contest: the D.I.Y. Clay Tools contest. If you have “invented,” built, or repurposed a super cool tool for your work, the contest will give you a chance to share your ingenuity with the world. Plus, you could win a $500 Gift Card to Euclids.com! Get all the details here!


So, to get you in the contest mood, I thought I would share an honorable mention from our last contest, the Studio Tour Video Contest. This video takes us on a tour of Origen Studio in Bogota, Colombia.


We had a lot of fun with the last contest and we hope this one will be the same. So, enjoy today’s video, and then get filming! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


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