Handle pulling can be one of the most tedious and stressful parts of the functional pottery making process. That’s why many potters choose to handbuild handles for their pottery. And while handbuilt handles have a charm and beauty all their own, sometimes you just want that subtle flow and grace that a well-pulled handle offers.

So today, in an excerpt from his DVD Get a Handle on It, Tony Clennell shares his expert advice on handle pulling. Tony shows us that, with a little practice and patience, great-looking pulled handles are within any potter’s grasp. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor. 


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Magic Water Recipe

3 tbs. liquid Sodium Silicate
1.5 tsp. Soda Ash
1 gallon water

A great handle is capable of making ordinary pottery exceptional!

Learn a variety of handle making techniques — pulled, thrown, hand built, altered —  on Tony’s full-length DVD Get a Handle ON IT!

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