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Ceramic Sculpture Video – The Curious Case of Benjamin Ballclay: See An Old Man Become Youthful in Under Two Minutes

Okay, so I had a little fun with this week’s video of the week. If you’ve been a subscriber to Ceramic Arts Daily for a while, you’ve seen ceramic sculptor Philippe Faraut’s incredible sculpting skills (if you’re new to us, be sure to check out the other clips in our archives).


Well, Philippe returns to wow us again this week, but this time I decided to create my own little cinematic masterwork in addition to his. Yes, through the magic of video editing software, you can watch Philippe sculpt the years away and return an old man to his youth. It’s like Benjamin Button for the clay set.


And, never fear, I’ve also posted the original clip with Philippe’s expert ceramic sculpting instructions below! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Okay, now that we’ve had our fun, click below to watch the video in real time, in the right direction, and with Philippe’s instruction:

To learn more about Philippe Faraut or to see images of his finished work, visit http://philippefaraut.com/.

This clip was excerpted from The Art of Sculpting with Philippe Faraut – Volume 3: Men, which is available in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.