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Ceramic Sculpture Video: An Introduction to Figure Sculpting in Clay

If you are into figurative sculpture, whether it be realistic or abstract, today’s video is a must-watch. In this excerpt from the first of his three-disc DVD set, The Art of Sculpting, Philippe Faraut demonstrates how to get started off right when sculpting a human head. Drawing on many years of sculpting experience and his vast knowledge of human anatomy, Philippe shows us how to sculpt an anatomically correct skull.


Understanding human bone structure and anatomy is critical to the process of sculpting realistic human figures. If you don’t understand what lies beneath the skin, you are not going to end up with a lifelike representation. Of course, some sculptors are not after realism. But it is still important to understand bone structure and anatomy because the underlying structure influences gesture and movement. So watch and learn! By starting off with the proper foundation, who knows where you can go with your figure sculpting! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.





This clip was excerpted from Philippe Faraut’s The Art of Sculpting, Volume I: Children, which covers the entire process of sculpting busts of children, from the basic skull to the lifelike finished piece.