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Wheel Throwing Techniques

For some people, throwing clay on the potter's wheel can be addictive. If you are one of those people, you have come to the right place. Here, professional studio potters provide instruction as well as inspiration for anyone wanting to learn, improve and master wheel throwing techniques. Browse these articles and videos for helpful information such topics as altering wheel thrown vessels or trimming large platters with complex rims. And, if you haven't already, be sure to download your free copy of Five Great Pottery Wheel Throwing Techniques: Tips on Throwing Complex Pottery Forms Using Basic Throwing Skills, which includes detailed well-illustrated, step-by-step pottery making projects by nationally known potters, teachers and workshop presenters.


Making a Large Sectional Vase with a Twist

Posted On October 8, 2012 1 Comment

Throwing in sections is a fantastic way to make large work. Rather than trying to muscle a lot of clay into center and pull a tall form, you can divide the clay into manageable quantities. In today’s post, an excerpt from his book Throwing, Richard Phethean takes this process a step further. He ovals the top section to make the pot more interesting. He also shows us an unconventional handle technique. 

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Video of the Week: Three Quick and Handy Wheel Throwing Tricks from Bill van Gilder

Posted On July 20, 2012 6 Comments

Bill van Gilder is one of those potters with a million cool tricks up his sleeve. If you’re not able to make it to a Bill Van Gilder workshop, videos are the next best thing. In today’s post, an excerpt from his DVD Pottery Techniques: Making Lidded Forms and Trimming, Bill shares three nifty tricks that he has developed to help streamline his processes. 


Pottery Video of the Week: Throwing Large Pots with Ease

Posted On June 8, 2012 8 Comments

You may think bigger is better, but it bigger is not necessarily more difficult. As Tony Clennell demonstrates in his DVD Taking the Macho Out of Bigware, the size of a pot has more to do with technique than with muscle. A few basic throwing techniques — and a clever trick or two — will get you on your way to increasing the scale of what you can make and what you can imagine. In this clip, Tony demonstrates how to make a large vase in two parts.


Pottery Video of the Week: Advice on Making Lidded Forms from Master Potter Tom Turner

Posted On February 10, 2012 7 Comments

A couple of years ago, master potter Tom Turner decided to record one of his two-day workshops and make it into a DVD. Today, we are presenting an excerpt from that, in which Tom explains the considerations he makes when making lidded forms. 

Robin Hopper smoothes the surface of a vase pottery form.

Wheel Throwing Video: Making a Multi-Part Altered Vase on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On December 23, 2011 0 Comments
Today, the Ceramic Arts Daily offices are closed and we are all scurrying about doing last minute holiday preparations. But we didn’t want to leave you hanging, so we are presenting a blast from the past Robin Hopper video.   In this clip from his full length DVD Advanced Throwing on the Potter’s Wheel: Extended… Read More »

Pottery Video of the Week: How to Make a Wiggle Wire Mug

Posted On November 11, 2011 32 Comments

Today I am presenting a video from the recent Potters Council workshop in Indianapolis. Nan Rothwell shows us
how to make a super cool wiggle wire mug. As always, Nan’s demonstration
is clear and thorough. It’s almost like being at the workshop in


Stop, Drop, and Roll: A Dropped Pot Leads to an Interesting New Form

Posted On November 2, 2011 15 Comments

One day as Rick Berman was transporting a board full of soft leatherhard pots around his studio, a pot on the end of the board lost the fight with gravity and tumbled to the floor. Instead of just tossing it in the scrap bucket, Rick decided to drop it on the other side to see what would happen. When he blew air into the flattened pot, the result was a form he really liked and now deliberately creates. In today’s post, Rick explains how he refined this process and now creates his rolled pots.


Wheel Throwing Video: Centering, Throwing and Trimming Tips From an Expert Potter

Posted On September 23, 2011 13 Comments

In this excerpt from Beginning to Throw on the Potter’s Wheel, master potter Robin Hopper shares some tips for centering, throwing and trimming.


Bonus Pottery Video: Tips for Throwing Strong and Sound Bowls on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On September 19, 2011 15 Comments

It’s a gray, rainy Monday where I am, so I thought it would be a good day for a bonus video. This video was submitted by CAD subscriber Pamela Theis. Pamela did a series of videos for her students at Florida State University so that they would be able to revisit her demos outside of class if they needed to. In this one, she shares some good advice on how to make sturdy, strong bowls.


Pottery Video of the Week: Great Tips for Throwing Great Plates on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On August 19, 2011 27 Comments

For this week’s pottery video of the week, I have excerpted Bill Van Gilder’s plate throwing demo from is Pottery Techniques DVD (which has just arrived in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore). If you are looking for a plate throwing refresher course, or are starting from scratch, this clip is an excellent reference!