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Making Ceramic Tile

If you're interested in finding out more about making handmade ceramic tile, here you’ll find information on all aspects of the craft. These archives include features written by tile making experts on topics such as making your own custom tile molds or learning how to choose the right clay for an outdoor tile installation. If you are interested in learning more, be sure to download your free copy of How to Design, Make and Install Ceramic Tile Murals and Mosaics: Design Tips and How-To Instructions for Handmade Ceramic Tile Projects .

4. Carefully sponge off excess grout after it has set up.

Between the Lines: Grouting Tiles, Mosaics, and Tile Installations for a Visually Pleasing Effect

Posted On December 22, 2010 12 Comments

Grout does not just have to be a practical element in tile work. With a wide range of premixed grout colors available, it can also be used to aesthetically enhance a single tile or an entire tile mural. By strengthening the weight of a line or adding a weathered patina, grout can really become an integral part of the decorative process. Today, Laura Reutter demonstrates how grout can be used in this way. She also gives some great advice for press molding and drying tiles without warping.


New Ceramic Tile Download Available! How to Design, Make and Install Ceramic Tile Murals and Mosaics: Design Tips and How-To Instructions for Handmade Ceramic Tile Projects

Posted On November 9, 2009 7 Comments

For today’s post, I thought I would share an excerpt from our new free download How to Design, Make and Install Ceramic Tile Murals and Mosaics. In this excerpt, I am presenting a cool technique that Jerry Goldman came up with to make custom ceramic tile mosaics. He started out making mosaics out of shards of commercially manufactured tile, but this method didn’t provide him with the colors he desired. So he came up with his own method of casting slab tiles with slip stained with metallic oxides and commercial stains.


Tile Making Video: How to Make Relief Decoration on Tile Using Shellac Resist

Posted On April 24, 2009 3 Comments

In today’s video, tile maker Frank Giorgini demonstrates a great shellac-resist technique to create relief decoration.


Tips for Designing Ceramic Tile: A Maiolica Mural, Part 2

Posted On November 12, 2008 1 Comment

There is a reason that making tiles and installing them are separate professions. There are entirely different skills and tools required. Then again, us clay folk tend to be pretty handy do-it-yourselfers (or know someone who is). In fact, I think hiring someone to do work we could learn to do ourselves is almost always our last choice. So, to that end, we are following our last feature on designing tile and making a maiolica mural, by showing you how Donna Rozman mounts and installs her ceramic tile murals. Figures 1 through 4 illustrate designing the tile in Part 1. In figures 5 through 8 presented here, Rozman covers mounting and hanging the mural. So hit the hardware store and hang a mural!


Tips for Designing Ceramic Tile: A Maiolica Mural, Part 1

Posted On November 10, 2008 1 Comment

One of the best ways to make a large, complex piece of work is to break it down into its component parts and tackle them one by one. Suddenly, it’s not one big project, but several smaller projects that are not quite as daunting. In this first of a two-part series, Colorado ceramic artist Donna Rozman shows us a variation on this approach: how to start simple and end up with a complex result. Her technique for ceramic tile design is both simple and effective, and it’s a great exercise in generating new ideas.


Putting Clay to the Test: Weather Proofing for Outdoor Ceramic Tile Installation

Posted On April 14, 2008 3 Comments

After we ran last week’s feature “Making Multiples: Cavity Molds for Handmade Ceramic Tiles,” we received an inquiry from a reader about making tiles for an outdoor installation. The reader wanted to know what type of clay she should use to ensure that the installation would withstand great temperature fluctuations. To address this question, we decided to go to someone with a lot of experience in this matter: DeBorah Goletz. In 1998, DeBorah was commissioned to design and install a series of ceramic tile murals for the Sheepshead Bay Road subway station in Brooklyn. For this, DeBorah needed to do much testing to be sure the murals would survive New York’s hot, humid summers and its bitter cold winters. In today’s feature, author David Kaplan shares DeBorah’s testing methods.