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Making Ceramic Molds

Mold making opens up endless potential for creative expression. Here, you’ll learn about making and using molds in ceramics. Browse through our archive of articles to find a variety of techniques from making plaster molds for slip casting and press molding to making bisque hump or slump molds. And be sure to download your free copy of the Ceramic Mold Making Techniques: Tips for Making Plaster Molds and Slip Casting Clay. If you’re interested in exploring the world of making plaster molds for slip casting or handbuilding, Ceramic Mold Making Techniques: Tips for Making Plaster Molds and Slip Casting Clay is a great place to start!


Mold Making Video: Making a One-Piece Plaster Mold

Posted On September 26, 2008 10 Comments

In today’s video, Holly demonstrates how to make a simple one-piece plaster mold using a thrown clay tumbler. Of course, you could make all sorts of things besides tumblers, but it’s a nice basic shape to start with, and once you make one, the possibilities will become endless. If you’ve never made a mold, this is a great way to get started.

Ceramic artist Valerie Zimany shares her process for combining cast, thrown and handbuilt parts.

Using Slip Casting, Handbuilding, Press Molding and Throwing Techniques to Create Complex Sculptures

Posted On September 24, 2008 1 Comment

Today we are giving a sneak peek of the upcoming November issue of Ceramics Monthly magazine, which features ceramic artist Valerie Zimany. Readers of Ceramics Monthly might remember Valerie’s work from the 2008 Emerging Artist issue back in May. Valerie creates her abstract ceramic sculpture using a variety of techniques and she explains those to us below. She also shares her a recipe for a “super-stick-em-up” slip, which really helps in assembling her complex pieces.


Plaster Mixing 101: How to Mix Plaster for Ceramic Molds

Posted On September 16, 2008 9 Comments

In this video, ceramic artist Holly Goring, demonstrates how to use the “sea level” method for mixing plaster. So you don’t have to take notes during the video, we’ve also posted 10 Steps for Success with Plaster and a Plaster to Water Mixing Chart for your reference.