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Ceramic Decorating Techniques

Explore the possibilities of decorating ceramics with techniques used at the forming stage through final glazing and even post-firing methods. Interested in trying out terra sigillata techniques? You'll find recipes and techniques here. Have you always wanted to try your hand at raku firing? You can learn more about it here. Wondering what is possible with commercial glazes? Look no farther! We've gathered myriad articles on myriad ceramic decorating techniques here in one place. The possibilities of what can be done with clay, ceramic tools, materials and a little imagination are virtually endless, and you'll find even more inspiration in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.


Pottery Video of the Week: Applying Decals to Glazed Pottery and Ceramics

Posted On August 12, 2011 29 Comments

This week, Justin Rothshank was here filming a DVD on applying ceramic decals to pottery. So, I thought I would bust out this decal application video from the archives (which Justin submitted a couple of years ago) to whet your appetite. This video first aired way, way back in the olden days when videos were new to us here at CAD, so please excuse the graininess! The upcoming DVD will be crystal clear and will cover all aspects of making and applying decals to your work.


Slip and Stick: How to Use Stained Slips and Newsprint to Make Monoprints on Pottery

Posted On August 3, 2011 20 Comments

I love the surfaces of Jason Bige Burnett’s pots. They remind me of the Sunday newspaper cartoon transfers I (and probably a lot of you out there) used to do with Silly Putty as a child. Interestingly enough, Jason uses a transfer technique involving newspaper (but not Silly Putty) to make some of the marks on his surfaces. In today’s post, an excerpt from the September/October 2011 issue of Pottery Making Illustrated, Jason shares this super fun technique.


A Piece of Cake: Clay Applique Decoration on Functional Pottery

Posted On May 30, 2011 9 Comments

Kari Radasch works with her appliqué decoration in a similar way that a baker
works with fondant. She explains this process today and shares her clay
body, slip and glaze recipes. So, sit back, grab yourself a piece of
cake, and read on!


Fumiya Mukoyama’s Zogan Yusai: Precise Pottery Decoration with Slip Inlay and Glaze Patterning

Posted On May 18, 2011 17 Comments

For a young potter in a region of Japan where Mingei is king, coming up with a unique style can be challenging. But Fumiya Mukoyama did just that with his “Zogan Yusai” technique. Translated, “zogan” means inlaid and “yusai” means coloring with glazes. And as the name implies, Fumiya’s technique consists of slip inlay and colored glazed designs. Today, Fumiya shares this technique step by step.

Meredith Host touches up a screen printed image on a platter.

Pottery Video of the Week: Decorating Ceramic Forms with Screen Prints and Stencils

Posted On May 13, 2011 31 Comments

On Wednesday, we announced that Kansas City potter Meredith Host was the winner of the Peoples Choice Emerging Artist contest. Lucky Meredith gets a $500 gift certificate from the generous folks at Bailey Ceramic Supplies, who sponsored the contest! And lucky for all you faithful readers out there, we filmed Meredith demonstrating at the Potters Council Workshop Surface + Form a couple of months back. Today, we are sharing that video with you.

This fired vessel by Robin Hopper demonstrates the tree or leaf-like patterns that are possible with mocha diffusion.

Pottery Video of the Week: Slipware Decoration – Mocha Diffusion and Slip Dotting Pottery

Posted On April 29, 2011 17 Comments

A while back, we posted an excerpt from Ceramics Monthly, in which Canadian potter Robin Hopper provided an explanation of the technique and a slip recipe that works well with it. Since then, Robin has recorded a new DVD. Today I am sharing an excerpt from that video, in which he demonstrates mocha diffusion and his slip dotting technique. I have also reposted the original article with the slip recipe


Going Low Tech: A Step by Step Guide to Burnishing Pottery

Posted On April 25, 2011 26 Comments

Burnishing is the technique of polishing clay to a beautiful sheen without the use of glaze. Ancient potters used these techniques to produce their wares before glazes and kilns were developed. Today, modern potters use  burnishing to create works of great beauty. Sumi von Dassow is one of those potters. She has been using low-tech pottery making techniques for more than thirty years. Though the burnishing technique is low tech, there are some secrets to really getting it right. In today’s post, Sumi shares her step-by-step method for burnishing pots.

China Painting on Tile

Pottery Video of the Week: Fun with China Paint on Ceramic Tile

Posted On April 1, 2011 20 Comments

In today’s pottery video, an excerpt from the forthcoming DVD New Directions in China Painting, Paul Lewing demonstrates a technique for creating a bamboo painting with a sumi brush.


Pottery Video of the Week: Using Porcelain Ceramic Substrates as a Canvas

Posted On March 25, 2011 33 Comments

Today I’m sharing a clip from Robin Hopper’s new DVD Inspiration and Interpretation, in which he demonstrates a couple of painting techniques on this porcelain substrates (an industry cast off). Enjoy and have a nice weekend! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Fong Choo cuts into a porcelain teapot with a wiggly wire.

Pottery Video of the Week: A Potter Uses Texture and Flowing Glazes to Make Teapots with Splendid Surfaces

Posted On February 11, 2011 49 Comments

A few months back, I attended the Potters Council Splendid Surfaces
Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, and got some fabulous footage of
some great artists demonstrating their techniques. Today I am
going to share one with you, faithful readers. It features potter Fong
Choo sharing some of his texture and glazing techniques for his tiny
teapots. Enjoy and Happy Friday!