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Ceramic Decorating Techniques

Explore the possibilities of decorating ceramics with techniques used at the forming stage through final glazing and even post-firing methods. Interested in trying out terra sigillata techniques? You'll find recipes and techniques here. Have you always wanted to try your hand at raku firing? You can learn more about it here. Wondering what is possible with commercial glazes? Look no farther! We've gathered myriad articles on myriad ceramic decorating techniques here in one place. The possibilities of what can be done with clay, ceramic tools, materials and a little imagination are virtually endless, and you'll find even more inspiration in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.


Ceramics Decorating Video: Slip Cones – Easy-to-Make Pottery Tools for Precise Slip Trailing

Posted On January 9, 2009 18 Comments

In today’s video, ceramic artist Charan Sachar shows us how to make a foolproof and ergonomic slip trailer out of some inexpensive materials. Watch the video now! and then make some for yourself. We’ve also included some step-by-step written instruction on the process.

Ceramics Decorating Video: Using Paper Stencils for Precise Underglaze Decoration

Posted On January 2, 2009 5 Comments

We’re kicking off 2009 with a how-to ceramics video about using paper stencils and underglaze for surface decoration. The video features ceramic artist Eva Kwong and was filmed during the recent Potters Council workshop “Surface, Form and Substance” in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Combining two seemingly different materials (chunky clay and refined terra sigillata) make an interesting combination on this plate by Anne Fløche.

Inspired by Terra Sigillata: A New Twist on an Ancient Surface Technique

Posted On December 3, 2008 1 Comment

When I think of terra sigillata, I think of the soft, satin surfaces of low-fired earthenware, like Greek red and black ware that still has that great surface sheen. But Anne Fløche has taken terra sigillata in a different direction. She’s allowed herself to use it in a way that goes against tradition, but is true to her own inspiration and way of working. This is a classic example of taking a tried-and-true technique and making it personal. Whether you’re using terra sigillata in a traditional manner or pushing it to try something new, Fløche provides a great tutorial (and a recipe) for making this versatile material.

Pottery Decorating Video: Tom Turner Workshop DVD

Posted On October 31, 2008 2 Comments

If you’ve ever attended a workshop, you know that you come away with more information than you could possible remember or apply, and your head is swimming with new ideas and projects to try in your own studio. Not only do you get ideas for how the presenter makes his or her own work, but you get the benefit of their experience and the insight behind their work. These excerpts from a two-day workshop with Tom Turner go beyond the basic how-to video to document the vast knowledge and experience of an established master potter. They are just a small sampling of what is available on the four DVD set. Enjoy!—Sherman Hall, Ceramic Arts Daily

Pottery Decorating Video: Trimming, Slipping and Raw Glazing for Texture and Depth

Posted On October 10, 2008 5 Comments

Last week, Mark Peters made a bisque stamp and used it in making a cup on the wheel. IN this week’s video, he shows us his technique for finishing that cup. He accentuates that great texture using slip and glaze at the leather-hard stage of drying. He includes recipes as well as tips for success along the way. If you missed last week’s video, you can check it out right here

Ceramics Decorating Video: Making a Stamped Cup with Continuous Texture

Posted On October 3, 2008 0 Comments

A lot of times, it’s easy to forget about the surface of a pot until it comes time to glaze it. By then, of course, your options are somewhat limited. In this video, Mark Peters demonstrates one simple method for integrating form and surface through the use of a textured stamp that is very easy to make and use. The great thing about a pottery technique like this one is that it can translate to so many other pottery projects. You don’t have to throw a cup on the wheel to get great texture into your work; watching how Peters makes this stamp and cup can give you great ideas for hand building projects as well.

This tile was decorated with resist inlay and underglazes. The design was carved with a loop sgraffito tool and a dental tool.

Resist Inlay: A Simple Decorating Technique

Posted On September 29, 2008 2 Comments

I think we’ve all heard it said that the simplest solution is the best. And while I always make it a rule to never deal in absolutes, today’s tip does seem to prove this adage true. Brought to us by Sumi von Dassow, this surface-decoration technique involves just a few tools and materials that I’ll bet you already have in your studio. And like most simple techniques, a little experimentation can result in many new ways to add interest and depth to your work. But Sumi doesn’t stop there; she also includes some general tips for working with wax resist, and these will help you regardless of which wax technique you use. Enjoy!


Ceramic Decal Video: Applying Decals to Glazed Pottery and Ceramics

Posted On July 25, 2008 11 Comments

I thought a video demonstration of applying decals would be a nice follow up to Wednesday’s feature on decal paper. So in today’s Video Tip of the Week, Justin Rothshank demonstrates this process. Justin also explains how easy it is to make custom decals with a laser printer, which opens up all kinds of creative possibilities. Watch the video and then try it for yourself!  –Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


The Details on Decal Paper for Ceramics

Posted On July 23, 2008 17 Comments

In today’s feature, Philadelphia ceramic artist Paul Andrew Wandless gives a primer on using decals on ceramic work. Paul discusses the various options of decal papers that can be used on ceramics and pottery.


Pottery Decorating Video: Trimming and Glazing a Wire-Faceted Bowl Pt. 2

Posted On July 18, 2008 2 Comments

This week’s Video Tip of the Week is a follow-up video on trimming and glazing the wire-faceted bowls Mark Peters demonstrated last week. In today’s video, Mark shares a Cone 10 Temmoku glaze recipe and Randy Johnston’s flashing slip recipe, which he likes to use on these forms. We have also posted these recipes on the site so you don’t have to worry about jotting them down while watching the video. Enjoy! -Jennifer Harnetty, editor.