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Ceramic Decorating Techniques

Explore the possibilities of decorating ceramics with techniques used at the forming stage through final glazing and even post-firing methods. Interested in trying out terra sigillata techniques? You'll find recipes and techniques here. Have you always wanted to try your hand at raku firing? You can learn more about it here. Wondering what is possible with commercial glazes? Look no farther! We've gathered myriad articles on myriad ceramic decorating techniques here in one place. The possibilities of what can be done with clay, ceramic tools, materials and a little imagination are virtually endless, and you'll find even more inspiration in the Ceramic Arts Daily Bookstore.

Blue and White Jar, 23 in. (58 cm) in height, porcelain with inlayed cobalt pigments.

Laying it on Thick: Decorating with Slip Inlay on Bisqueware

Posted On March 22, 2010 31 Comments

If you frequent Ceramic Arts Daily, you may be familiar with the term Mishima because we’ve posted several different variations on the technique in the past. Mishima is a traditional Korean surface decorating technique that involves inlaying a colored slip into incised lines on leather-hard clay. I have found another variation on Mishima that I just had to share today. In this post, ceramic artist Steven Young Lee explains the Mishima variation that works best for his work. Instead of working with leather hard clay, Lee inlays his slip into bisqueware and then scrapes
it off with a metal rib.


Ceramics Decorating Video: How to Mix and Apply Terra Sigillata for Burnishing Pottery

Posted On December 18, 2009 32 Comments

In today’s video, an excerpt from her new DVD Pit Firing and Burnishing, Sumi von Dassow demonstrates how to mix and apply terra sigillata to burnish into a beautiful sheen.


Adding Dimension to Stenciled Imagery on Pottery

Posted On November 2, 2009 15 Comments

Stenciling is a great decorative technique for pottery. In the latest issue of Pottery Making Illustrated, Ann Ruel shares her ideas for getting a stenciled look with more dimension. I thought her ideas were pretty nifty so I have excerpted from the article in today’s post.


Make Your Pottery Shine Without Glaze: Sumi Von Dassow Explains the Basics of Burnishing Pottery

Posted On October 5, 2009 17 Comments

In today’s post, an excerpt from her new book Low Firing and Burnishing, Sumi Von Dassow explains the basics of burnishing pottery, from the tools to use, to a couple of basic techniques.


Peas Please: A Potter Talks About the Inspiration and Process Behind her “Sweet Pea” Vessels

Posted On July 24, 2009 22 Comments

In today’s video, potter Kim Westad talks about the inspiration behind her work and takes us through the process of making one of her signature forms: the Sweet Pea.


A Very, Very Fine Line: Drawing on Pottery with Inlaid Slip

Posted On July 13, 2009 6 Comments

Potter Lorna Meaden explains the technique she uses to achieve the super fine (in more ways than one) pin-striped decoration that graces a lot of her pots.


Pottery Decorating Video: Making Beautiful Marks on Pottery with Fluting, Carving and Painting with Wax

Posted On June 26, 2009 17 Comments

In today’s video clip, which is excerpted from his DVD Making Marks (a video adaptation of his popular book), Robin Hopper demonstrates some great fluting, sgraffito and wax resist painting techniques.


Ceramics Decorating Video: Decorating Raku Pottery with Slip Resist

Posted On May 15, 2009 6 Comments

In today’s video clip, Gordon Hutchens demonstrates a slip-resist
decorating technique. Sometimes called naked raku (but this video is G
rated) or peel-away slip, the technique involves painting clay slip
onto bisqueware and then raku firing.


Handle Making Video: Mixing Media – An Introduction to Making Cane Handles for Functional Pottery

Posted On April 3, 2009 1 Comment

In today’s pottery video, potter Shelia Clennell gives us and introduction into making handmade cane and reed handles for your functional pots.


Pottery Decorating Video: A Beautiful Tradition – A Demonstration of Time-Honored Pottery Making Techniques

Posted On February 27, 2009 0 Comments

In today’s video, we learn about the traditional pottery making techniques in San Jose de Gracia and Patamban, Mexico.