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Ceramics Monthly


Ceramics Monthly: December 1988

Posted On December 1, 1988 0 Comments

Susan Fairhead (in the foreground) completes every step of surface design—like all decorators at England’s Moorcroft Pottery.

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Ceramics Monthly: November 1988

Posted On November 1, 1988 0 Comments

From the exhibition “Pitcher, Jug, Ewer” a $1200 stoneware pitcher, wheel thrown with vertical incising and “ribbing,” 17.5 inches high, by Val Cushing, Alfred University ceramics professor.

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Ceramics Monthly: October 1988

Posted On October 1, 1988 0 Comments

Pennsylvania potter Jack Troy at the firemouth of his 24-foot-long anagama in which “work is loaded in complex configurations according to the ‘fire weather’ in a particular zone. I visualize the flame as being a kind of cartographer, mapping the work with textures and color.”

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Ceramics Monthly: September 1988

Posted On September 1, 1988 0 Comments

Stephen De Staebler with works in progress.

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Ceramics Monthly: June/July/August 1988

Posted On June 1, 1988 0 Comments

Jun Kaneko with a portion of his “Polka Dot Wall,” approximately 12 feet in length, slip-decorated tiles with Cone 6 transparent glaze.

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Ceramics Monthly: May 1988

Posted On May 1, 1988 0 Comments

At work in his studio, Minnesota potter Jeff Oestreich finds ‘comfortable can lead to dead work.” He once was reluctant to make changes; now change is welcome.

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Ceramics Monthly: April 1988

Posted On April 1, 1988 0 Comments

“Fireplug,” actual size, perlite and ball clay fired to Cone 8 in a saggar filled with vermiculite and copper, followed by a Cone 06 glaze firing, multiple Cone 017 china paint firings, a Cone 017 luster firing and a final firing to Cone 018 for melted glass details, by Robert Shay.

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Ceramics Monthly: March 1988

Posted On March 1, 1988 0 Comments

Glazed and lustered whiteware vessel, 24 inches high, by Anna Silver.

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Ceramics Monthly: February 1988

Posted On February 1, 1988 0 Comments

Korean pickling jars awaiting single firing in a wood-burning tube kiln. 

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Ceramics Monthly: January 1988

Posted On January 1, 1988 0 Comments

Wood-fired jar, approximately 20 inches in height, feldspathic Shigaraki-type clay, with decorative “lip shadow” from an adjacent pot, by Tsujimura Shiro of Japan.

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