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Decorating Tools

Looking for ideas and instruction on the multitude of ceramic decorating tools out there. The Decorating Tools section of Ceramic Arts Daily is the right place to be. Here we’ve gathered articles and information on decorating ceramic work from potters of all level of experience. You’ll find out how they use store-bought, found or even handmade decorating tools to make their work their own. And don't forget to download your free copy of the Ceramic Decorating Tool Techniques: How To Use Clay Pencils, Slip Trailers, Glaze Pens, and Carving Tools . This handy studio reference includes valuable technical references and great clay tools to help you with forming, surface decoration and firing. Plus, it has a comprehensive directory of manufacturers and suppliers that provide ceramic equipment, raw materials, clay tools and ceramic supplies.

die cutter opener

New Tools, New Possibilities in Decorating Ceramic Art

Posted On February 18, 2015 1 Comment

When I saw Linda Arbuckle’s article about die cutters in the March 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly, I remembered how much I want a die cutter! Ever since filming Andrew Gilliatt’s DVD Layers of Color, I have coveted this tool.


In today’s post, an excerpt from the CM article, Linda explains how artists are using die cutters in creative ways in their ceramic work. I’m going to start saving my pennies so I can get one of these awesome tools soon!! – Jennifer Harnetty, editor.


Printmaking and Pottery: Using Linocuts to Make Clay Prints

Posted On May 12, 2014 19 Comments

In today’s post, Annie Chrietzberg explains how potter Cynthia Guajardo mixes linocut printing with clay. It’s a fantastic method for creating repeatable customized texture on pottery.


Brushwork on Ceramics: A Multitude of Decorative Possibilities for Pottery

Posted On August 5, 2013 10 Comments

Robin Hopper talks about the importance of a good brush and demonstrates one type of maiolica-style on-glaze decoration that can be created on pottery using different colored glazes, a brush and a slip trailer.


Polymer Clay Texture Stamps: Easy to Make Tools for Applying Texture to Ceramic Sculpture or Pottery

Posted On May 14, 2012 10 Comments

Virginia Cartwright’s polymer clay stamps are quick and easy to make and even more durable than bisque stamps.


Pottery Video of the Week: Creating Layers of Surface Detail with Texture Stenciling

Posted On May 11, 2012 10 Comments

When most of us think of stenciling on pottery, we probably think of laying down a stencil and painting over it with an underglaze or a glaze. But since clay is malleable, we don’t have to stop there! In today’s video, an excerpt from her DVD Creative Forming with Custom Texture, Amy Sanders shares her technique of texture stenciling. What a fabulous idea!



Roll Call: Seven Great Handmade and Store-Bought Roulettes for Adding Texture to Pottery

Posted On September 14, 2011 17 Comments

In today’s post, Bill Jones highlights seven great tools for rolling texture onto pottery. Some can be hand made using readily available supplies and some can be found at your local pottery supplier. All are super fun!


Pottery Video of the Week: How to Use Brushes for China Painting on Pottery

Posted On May 27, 2011 10 Comments

Unlike regular ceramic glazes, with china paint what you see is what you get. China paints are consistent, durable and can produce any effect you can get from paint or ink. But of course, before you can get great results, you need to become familiar with the tools and master their effects. In this excerpt from New Directions in China Painting (which is now shipping!), Paul Lewing explains how to uses the brushes and wipeout tools used by china painters. Watch and learn! -Jennifer Harnetty, editor.

Through a happy accident, Susan Kotulak adapted a screen printing technique for use on pottery, such as the vase above.

From Flat to Round: Screen Printing Glaze Patterns onto Pottery

Posted On January 17, 2011 15 Comments

Though she had started out her artistic career as a potter, life’s twists and turns caused Susan Kotulak to shift gears and pursue textile arts. But the clay called her back and she now works actively in both media. It’s no surprise, then, that having this dual focus would eventually lead to the two processes influencing one another. Today, Susan shares a super cool technique that she developed for pottery using materials from her textile/surface design work. Hope you are as excited to try it as I am!


7 Useful Tips, Tools, and Techniques for the Ceramic Studio

Posted On December 15, 2010 30 Comments
I’ve said it before and I will say it again, potters and ceramic artists are some of the most resourceful people around. I am continually impressed by the myriad tools and studio shortcuts that members of our community come up with to make their lives more efficient. It’s been a while since I have shared… Read More »
Sandi Pierantozzi cleans up the textured rim on a handbuilt bowl.

Handbuilding Video: Sandi Pierantozzi Demonstrates How to Use a Template to Make a Textured Soft-Slab-Built Bowl with a Wrapped Rim

Posted On June 18, 2010 78 Comments

In today’s clip, Sandi Pierantozzi demonstrates a cool soft slab building technique for a bowl with a wrapped rim. She also explains the template system she uses to make her pottery. Watch the video!