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Ceramics Monthly Master Class

Welcome to Ceramics Monthly's Master Class. These articles contain advanced technical and critical content from the pages of Ceramics Monthly magazine. Topics can range from glaze formulation and chemistry to kiln construction and firing techniques to aesthetic criticism, and all come from the top experts in the field. We hope this archive will be helpful and valuable to you, both in the studio as well as the classroom. To get great, new content like this delivered right to your door, subscribe to Ceramics Monthly today. Do you have a topic idea for a Master Class article? Send a letter to the editor.

The Printed Pot

Posted On February 1, 2009 9 Comments

Three dimensional printing can be used to create ceramic-art objects, out of three different types of slip bodies, and can be finished using standard ceramic equipment and processes.


The Art of Function and the Function of Art

Posted On December 20, 2008 3 Comments

An Australian–born potter living in Japan discusses his collaborations with chefs to create ware specifically designed for the presentation and enjoyment of food.

Collecting: The Quest for Rightness

Posted On October 1, 2008 0 Comments

Looking for and recognizing the qualities in pots that make them timeless, instructive and perhaps even priceless.