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Ceramic Molds

Ceramic molds have been used for centuries to help potters achieve repeatable forms, textures and designs. There are many molds readily available for both simple forms and textures, or you can choose to create your own ceramic molds based on a particular form or texture. Here, you can learn about mold making techniques and the many ways ceramic artists and potters are creatively using molds, from drape molds for functional work and press molds for tiles, to casting molds for sculptural compositions. Plus, if you haven't already, be sure to download your free copy of the Ceramic Mold Making Techniques: Tips for Making Plaster Molds and Slip Casting Clay, a directory of ceramics suppliers carrying all the raw materials you will need, plus reference material for the studio artist - professional or amateur, student or teacher.


Making Multiples: Cavity Molds for Handmade Ceramic Tiles

Posted On November 21, 2012 8 Comments

My kitchen could use an overhaul, and though it is not probably going to happen for a long while, I still seem to constantly be looking for inspiration. One thing that I think would be a lovely touch to this dream kitchen is a custom tile backsplash. Of course, the most productive way of making consistent tiles is with molds. In today’s post, Gary Carlos demonstrates how he makes molds with repeatable patterns for his tiles.

Andrew Gilliatt’s work combines colored porcelain slip, brightly colored glazes, resist patterns, and simple decals to create pots that convey the fun he has working in the studio.

Layers of Color: Using Different Colors of Casting Slip, Resist Patterns and Decals to Create Graphical Pottery Surfaces

Posted On December 8, 2010 15 Comments

Today, Andrew Gilliatt explains how he arrives at his super fun surfaces by adding color in stages with colored casting slip, glaze, and decals. Plus, he shares his casting slip and a couple of glaze recipes!

Paul Donnelly’s tea tray is inspired by a variety of things: Architecture, landscape and by the practical desire to keep furniture ring free and a spoon or snack close at hand.

A Potter Extends the Practicality of a Cup and Saucer Set

Posted On October 4, 2010 39 Comments

Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes, and Paul Donnelly’s tea trays are a prime example of this. Today, Paul Donnelly explains how he makes his tea trays using a combination of wheel throwing, press molding and slab-building techniques.


How to Transform Your Clay Body into a Casting Slip

Posted On March 15, 2010 25 Comments

Combine cast and handbuilt parts without the fear of different shrinkage rates. Paul Wandless demonstrates how to make a casting slip from your everyday clay body.


Circular Logic: Using Balloons as Molds for Spherical Handbuilt Ceramic Sculpture

Posted On May 6, 2009 5 Comments

Today ceramic artist Ursula Goebels-Ellis explains how she uses balloons to create her

spherical sculptures. She also shares a clay body recipe that she

tweaked to work perfectly for this technique.


Pottery Decorating Video: A Beautiful Tradition – A Demonstration of Time-Honored Pottery Making Techniques

Posted On February 27, 2009 0 Comments

In today’s video, we learn about the traditional pottery making techniques in San Jose de Gracia and Patamban, Mexico.


Plaster Mixing 101: How to Mix and Pour Plaster for Ceramic Molds

Posted On September 16, 2008 8 Comments
​ Whether you need a drying bat, a simple hump mold, or you’re making a complex mold for slipcasting, you’ll need to mix plaster. Getting the plaster right can be a little challenging if you are new to it. So today we are hoping to give you all the resources to help you better understand… Read More »