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Ceramics Monthly

Stephen Jepson

Posted On August 5, 2015 0 Comments
Throw like a pro. Hone your craftsmanship with this proven method. I will teach you in your studio. Your skill will grow substantially. See reference letters at:

Diane Mann

Posted On August 4, 2015 0 Comments
For sale: Brent SR 20 Slab roller. Excellent condition with all of the Shims and extra new cable. $995. Pick up only in SW Indiana. Contact:

Ceramics Monthly September 2015

Posted On August 3, 2015 0 Comments

How do you develop and resolve an idea into a finished piece? This is the question we asked of the artists who submitted entries to our contest From Idea to Finished Form. 

Part of the inspiration for this contest came from discussing the ways that learning, creativity, discovery, and idea development happen in ways other than through traditional educational models. Getting feedback is critical to all artists growth, and it can be hard to come by. In traditional classrooms, there are structures in place and relationships with peers and faculty that facilitate this. 

For artists interested in learning outside of traditional academia there are an increasing number of options. This issue features some of those programs, from physical bricks-and-mortar facilities, to studios (and kilns) on wheels, to online virtual learning. –Jessica Knapp, editor.


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Peter Karner Pottery

Posted On July 21, 2015 0 Comments
Southwest Colorado mountain property.  Fully equipped potter’s retreat near Durango, Colorado. Creekside with over 22 acres of privacy.  Rare, turn-key offering includes furnished yurt, fully equipped pottery studio, high-fire gas kiln, outbuildings, and more. $190,000.

Benzle Porcelain

Posted On July 17, 2015 0 Comments
“Porcelain: Color and Light” w/ Curtis Benzle La Meridiana, Tuscany, Italy. April 17-23, 2016. Colored Porcelain and Translucency. Lighting, Sculpture, Jewelry and more. Fun, Food and Fascination. Class Information: Questions:

Julie Brook

Posted On July 15, 2015 0 Comments
Rental WANTED: Living/ potting space in North San Diego County, CA from September/October on. Contact Julie:

Cub Creek Foundation

Posted On July 13, 2015 0 Comments
JOSH DE WEESE WORKSHOP – Oct.31 – Nov.1 2015, Cub Creek Foundation, Appomattox, VA., $200. Meals included. Information at or

Bradley University

Posted On July 10, 2015 0 Comments
The 5th CTC exhibition is open to all ceramic artists over the age of 18 who currently reside in the Central Time Zone (including areas of Canada and Mexico within this time zone). All forms of ceramic expression created within the last three years are encouraged. The show will be judged by Verne Funk. Funk,… Read More »

Arkansas Art Center

Posted On July 10, 2015 0 Comments
RESIDENT ARTIST – Ceramics, Arkansas Arts Center, Little Rock, Arkansas.  September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016. Application deadline July 31, 2015. Please visit: for details and to apply.

American Made Show

Posted On June 18, 2015 0 Comments
Learn what galleries want! Step by step guidance for design, development, pricing and pre-show logistics. New to Market Grants $700 Apply: