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Ceramics Monthly


Ceramics Monthly: May 1981

Posted On May 1, 1981 0 Comments

Thrown and altered sculptural vessel, 18 inches in height, stoneware with neriage decoration, by Ban Kajitani. 

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Ceramics Monthly: April 1981

Posted On April 1, 1981 0 Comments

“Wall Canyon,” 37 feet in height, unglazed stoneware, by Stephen DeStaebler, for the Embarcadero Station of the Bay Area Rapid Transit District, San Francisco. Handbuilt with metallic stains and oxides as an integral part of the clay body, the monumental work was fired and installed in sections.

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Ceramics Monthly: March 1981

Posted On March 1, 1981 0 Comments

Stoking the single firebox of a massive, traditional kiln at La Borne, in southeastern France. One of the last remaining folk potters assists contemporary ceramists Michel Pastore, Evelyne Porret and Janet Stedman in clearing the ash pit as fast-burning fagots (bundles of sticks or twigs) are quickly reduced to embers.

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Ceramics Monthly: February 1981

Posted On February 1, 1981 0 Comments

Thrown porcelain bowl with celadon glaze, 6 inches in diameter, fluted with a broken hacksaw blade, by David Leach.

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Ceramics Monthly: January 1981

Posted On January 1, 1981 0 Comments

Earthenware tea bowl, approximately 4 inches in height, glazed on the interior, with partial exterior glaze over a stained body with brushwork and incising, by Nancy Selvin.

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Ceramics Monthly: December 1980

Posted On December 1, 1980 0 Comments

Glazed stoneware vase, 15 inches in height, sgraffito, attributed to early 20th-century China, and from the collection of English potter Bernard Leach.

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Ceramics Monthly: November 1980

Posted On November 1, 1980 0 Comments

Detailed terra-cotta tomb figure (originally painted in bright polychrome), an infantry officer, distinguished by its 6 foot, 5 inch height, one of nearly 8000 life-size clay soldiers and horses buried in subterranean vaults near the tomb of the First Emperor of Qin, 221-206 B.C.

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Ceramics Monthly: October 1980

Posted On October 1, 1980 0 Comments

Earthenware forms by folk potter Eleptharios Theodorachis of Thrapsanos, Crete. Working within traditions that date to 2000 B.C., producing massive forms on a series of hand-turned potter’s wheels.

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Ceramics Monthly: September 1980

Posted On September 1, 1980 0 Comments

Ceramist Bruce Howdle caulks the seams between sections of his clay “Cattle Mural,” for Iowa Beef Processors, Dakota City, Nebraska. The work was completed in one piece, then cut for drying and firing.

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Ceramics Monthly: June 1980

Posted On June 1, 1980 0 Comments

“Townhouse,” 8 inches in height, ceramic portrait of a residence on 93rd Street in Manhattan, by Michael Parkinson.

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