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Ceramics Monthly

196504 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: April 1965

Posted On April 1, 1965 0 Comments

Stoneware Bottle by James Lovera was shown in the Twentieth Anniversary Exhibition of the association of San Francisco Potters at the M.H. de Young Memorial Museum. Mr. Lovera’s bottle, which is approximately ten inches high, has a white matt glaze with a circle design in iron.

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196503 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: March 1965

Posted On March 1, 1965 0 Comments

Charles Counts is pictured at work on the potter’s wheel in his studio on Lookout Mountain, Georgia. The Southern Highland potter and his wife, Rubynelle are the subjects for a Jean R. Lange feature article.

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196502 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: February 1965

Posted On February 1, 1965 0 Comments

The Polychrome Jar Decorated With Birds is one of the approximately 300 objects on view at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in the continuing exhibition of Pre-Columbian pottery, “Ancient Peruvian Ceramics: The Nathan Cummings Collection.” The pieces trace the remarkable development of ceramic styles and techniques, from dark, heavy bowls and bottles with simple elegant shapes, to a variety of forms showing complete mastery of the craft.

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196501 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: January 1965

Posted On January 1, 1965 0 Comments

F. Carlton Ball’s three-year-old son, Carlton Arthur, tackles the serious business of adding legs to his clay alligator.

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196412 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: December 1964

Posted On December 1, 1964 0 Comments

Kenneth Dierck’s relief, “Innocent City,” won the Ferro Corporation Prize and the Helen S. Everson Memorial Purchase Prize in the current 23rd Ceramic National Exhibition at the Everson Museum in Syracuse. Mr. Dierck’s black stoneware panel is 37 1/2 inches high and 54 inches wide. The glaze is light gray with brown and tan accents.

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196411 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: November 1964

Posted On November 1, 1964 0 Comments

Beads made from self-glazing clay are pictured drying on lengths of 14-gauge nichrome wire. This extra heavy wire is recommended because it also can be used as the firing rods, thus saving handling and loading time.

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196410 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: October 1964

Posted On October 1, 1964 0 Comments

Painted Pottery Head from Mexico, made sometime between 200 and 900 A.D., was unearthed in the excavations at Remojadas, Veracruz. It is slightly over 7.5 inches high. 

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196409 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: September 1964

Posted On September 1, 1964 0 Comments

Wind Chimes by Juanita May were part of an exhibition of her work at the Art Institute of Chicago during the summer.

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196406 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: June 1964

Posted On June 1, 1964 0 Comments

This month’s cover pictures one of the most famous living potters, Maria Martinez, an Indian Potter of San Ildefonso.

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196405 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: May 1964

Posted On May 1, 1964 0 Comments

This month’s cover photograph shows a view from above of a vase with relief decoration by French potter Francine Del Pierre. This internationally known ceramic artist works entirely by the coil method in producing the simple, elegant shapes for which she is famous.

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