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Ceramics Monthly

196301 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: January 1963

Posted On January 1, 1963 0 Comments

The pottery head on this month’s cover is Mexican, of the classic Vera Cruz style, and was made sometime before the twelfth century. The expressive face is flanked by circular ear plugs and framed by stylized hair and by a strap which holds an elaborate headdress with animal motifs. This sculpture is an important piece in the new Pre-Columbian Gallery E of the Cleveland Museum of Art.

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196212 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: December 1962

Posted On December 1, 1962 0 Comments

A page from the sketchbook of California potter Kenneth Dierck is reproduced on this month’s cover. Mr. Dierck is the subject of Hal riegger’s “Pots and People” series in this issue.

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196211 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: November 1962

Posted On November 1, 1962 0 Comments

“Dancers” is one of the ceramic pieces by Picasso included in an Exhibition being circulated to art centers in this country by The American Federation of Arts.

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196210 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: October 1962

Posted On October 1, 1962 0 Comments

Two Japanese potters at work on their wheels are part of the scene vividly described by Tom Marsh in his feature article. 

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196209 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: September 1962

Posted On September 1, 1962 0 Comments

Features from this month’s special “Back-to-Work” issue are depicted on the cover. The Knight on the left is part of a wheel-thrown sculpture by Elizabeth Heil; center is a detail from a Stoneware Bottle by Charles Lakofsky; and the panel on the right are students from a ceramic class at the Montclair Museum Art School.

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196206 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: June 1962

Posted On June 1, 1962 0 Comments

Detail from a glass wall hanging by Dorothy Larson, Washington, NJ. The 12 by 18 inch panel is composed of blue and green glass hexagons bonded to plate glass.

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196205 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: May 1962

Posted On May 1, 1962 0 Comments

Raul Coronel’s 24-inch stoneware “Sun Pot” is one of 62 pieces from the arts of Southern California-XI: Designer Crafts survey exhibition.

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196204 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: April 1962

Posted On April 1, 1962 0 Comments

Rut Bryk’s ceramic tile is a design of barbaric splendor combined with childhood fantasy. 

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196203 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: March 1962

Posted On March 1, 1962 0 Comments

David W. Laughlin’s wheel-thrown Owls are among the creatures described in his feature article. The owls, which are from 8 to 12 inches high, are made from a clay composed of earthenware and fireclay and fired to about cone 5.

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196202 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: February 1962

Posted On February 1, 1962 0 Comments

Angelo C. Garzio’s Stoneware Teapot has a pulled clay overhead handle. The teapot has a wax-resist decoration and was reduction fired to cone 7.

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