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Ceramics Monthly


Ceramics Monthly: April 1993

Posted On April 1, 1993 0 Comments

California artist/teacher Les Lawrence’s 30-year career includes production dinnerware for Neiman-Marcus, and experimental pottery and sculpture involving innovative technical processes.

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Ceramics Monthly: March 1993

Posted On March 1, 1993 0 Comments

Philadelphia artist Syd Carpenter (photographed with a twisted root form in progress) draws inspiration from many of the same sources as Steven Donegan, but that’s where the similarity in their claywork ends, though they’ve been together for over 16 years.

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Ceramics Monthly: February 1993

Posted On February 1, 1993 0 Comments

British potter Jon Middlemiss determined 14 years ago that he was “not suited” to functional ware, opting instead to develop more articulate forms by segmenting and reassembling wheel-throw vessels.

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Ceramics Monthly: January 1993

Posted On January 1, 1993 0 Comments

West Virginia artist Dan Keegan explores concepts of duality in his press-molded terra-cotta sculpture.

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Ceramics Monthly: December 1992

Posted On December 1, 1992 0 Comments

California artist Roberta Laidman. Making anthropomorphic sculptures of dogs that are neither too abstract nor cute is difficult; see how this artist faces the challenge, beginning on page 33.

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Ceramics Monthly: November 1992

Posted On November 1, 1992 0 Comments

Never one to shy away from controversial subjects, California artist Jerry Rothman is currently working on a timely series of sculptures that point out American social and political follies.

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Ceramics Monthly: September 1992

Posted On September 1, 1992 0 Comments

Modern ceramic design with a bit of nostalgia on the side is the house specialty in this restored 1947 diner—now showroom—of Michigan artists Jerry Berta and Madeline Kaczmarczyk.

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Ceramics Monthly: June/July/August 1992

Posted On June 1, 1992 0 Comments

Texas potter James Watkins tells of the past experiences and current influences affecting his work in the profile beginning on page 46.

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Ceramics Monthly: May 1992

Posted On May 1, 1992 0 Comments

Both Sandy Brown (shown in her studio in South Molton, Devon, England) and husband Takeshi Yasuda “came to pottery largely by accident,” yet now they produce “some of the most vital ceramic work in Britain today,” says author Tony Birks.

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Ceramics Monthly: April 1992

Posted On April 1, 1992 0 Comments

Shown stoking the anagama at his studio, politically active Norwegian artist Torbjorn Kvasbo hopes to “create subdued and plain-spoken pieces that will promote contemplation.”

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