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Ceramic Colorants

Learning how to work with ceramic colorants can be one of the most exciting parts of the ceramic process to the novice potter or ceramic artist. Developing the skills to effectively use ceramic colorants in glazes, slips and clay can really help potters and ceramic artists develop their voices in clay. This section features articles on how to use ceramic colorants in glaze recipes, how to use commercial stains, how underglazes can be used to create bright colors and so much more. Plus, don't forget to download your free copy of the 2012 Ceramic Arts Buyers Guide: A Ceramic Studio Supply Resource. If you're looking for ceramic supplies, glaze materials, ceramic equipment, or clay tools, the Buyers Guide lists nearly 300 companies offering tools and supplies.

Even more exciting than the open flame: the beautiful effects of a well-planned pit firing!

Pit Firing Video: A Guide to Gathering Fuels for the Best Results in a Pit Firing

Posted On July 23, 2010 50 Comments

Sumi von Dassow has been using the pit firing process for many many years and it shows in the amazing colors and surface effects on her pots. In today’s video, she shares some of the knowledge she has gained from her years of trial and error (and she shows some results from the firing!). So sit back and learn how to choose
combustibles and load them into your pit for maximum effect.


Photo Lithography on Clay: A Surprisingly Simple Way to Print Images On Clay

Posted On May 7, 2010 135 Comments

Though the name sounds a bit intimidating, photo lithography image transfer onto clay, is not a terribly difficult process. You just need to get a couple of tools that you might not have on hand, but once you do that, it’s a piece of cake. In today’s video, Kristina Bogdanov shows us how. Watch the video!


Color Splash: How to Make Vibrant Bursts of Color on Pottery Using Ceramic Colorants and Slip

Posted On August 19, 2009 22 Comments

Annie Chrietzberg explains Lana Wilson’s process for decorating pottery with colored slips and shares the clear cone 6 glaze recipe she uses to finish these pieces.


Colored Porcelain Patterns

Posted On February 13, 2008 2 Comments

Today, ceramic artist Elina Brandt Hansen explains the method she came up with for getting the bright color she wanted out of her stoneware clay. By dressing her work up in colored porcelain “clothing,” she was able to get the look she was after without breaking the bank.