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Imagine tossing clay scraps from leather hard to bone dry to sloppy slurry into a machine and having it come out the other end as beautiful, plastic, workable clay. Well, this dream machine exists – it is a pugmill. Though the name might sound more like a dreadful place for breeding puppies with funny faces, pugmills are similar to oversized meat grinders and are used to homogenize plastic clay bodies. Learn more about these handy tools and where to get one right here. And don't forget to download your free copy of the 2011 Clay Workshop Handbook: Knowledge and Techniques for the Pottery Studio . This handy studio reference includes valuable technical references and great clay tools to help you with forming, surface decoration and firing. Plus, it has a comprehensive directory of manufacturers and suppliers that provide ceramic equipment, raw materials, clay tools and ceramic supplies.


Six Key Considerations When Shopping for Clay Mixers and Pugmills

Posted On October 25, 2010 11 Comments

Today, Bill Jones, editor of Pottery Making Illustrated, presents six important considerations to make when shopping for a clay mixer or a pugmill.


Processing Reclaimed Clay With a Pugmill

Posted On August 3, 2009 8 Comments

Reclaiming slop clay can be a bear – unless you happen to own a pugmill like potter Kim Westad. In this video, you can see the pugmill in action, plus learn a lot about Kim’s creative process.