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Ceramic Kilns

Browse this section to learn all about using and even building ceramic kilns. From gas kilns to wood-fired kilns, you'll learn the firing schedules and techniques for all manner of ceramic kilns. Expert potters and ceramic artists share tips on how to use your kiln as an integral part of the creative process. Plus, don't forget to download your free copy of our Guide to Ceramic Kilns: Choosing the Right Kiln Firing Method and Design For Your Art. This Ceramic Arts Daily Guide can help you choose the type of kiln atmosphere you want (oxidation or reduction), the type of fuel you want to use (oil, gas, electric, or wood) and maybe even the special surfaces you want (salt, soda, raku, or pit).


Kiln Wash Simplified

Posted On March 7, 2008 14 Comments

This week’s Tip of the Week comes to us from ceramic artist Sylvia Nagy of Brooklyn, New York. If you are tired of scraping and cleaning kiln shelves between firings, you’ll love this simple tip.