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Raku Glaze Recipes

The late Harold McWhinnie stated that all raku glazes are relatively simple formulations, but even when working with a few recipes that are similar in composition, it is possible to come up with variations that are very exciting. In this section, you’ll find raku glaze recipes and articles on how to tweak them to come up with great results. Experienced raku firing potters and ceramic artists will explain how to make a raku glaze recipes work for you. And don't forget to download your free copy of the 15 Tried and True Raku Glaze Recipes: Recipe Cards for our Favorite Raku Pottery Glazes. This handy studio reference includes a great assortment of raku pottery glazes including several copper matts, a white crackle and even a shino!


Using Latex Resist in Raku Firing

Posted On August 17, 2015 8 Comments
If you’ve never participated in a raku firing, today’s post might make you put it on your “to-try list” this summer or fall. In this bonus Monday video, an excerpt from her video, Raku Firing: Expanding the Potential of the Raku Kiln, Marcia Selsor shares a technique for getting a lovely contrast of smoky black against the classic… Read More »

Raku on the Walls: How to Make a Raku Mural

Posted On October 8, 2014 18 Comments

If you have ever done raku firing, you are probably aware that the raku firing process should not be used for pots that are intended to serve food. The rapid firing, removal of the ware at the red-heat stage, and subsequent post-firing all contribute to surfaces that remain porous after firing. So it is best for decorative pots or sculpture. If you are looking for another application for raku, today’s post just might be for you.

Vessel, 20 inches high. Embedded glass technique glazed with Rogers White with brushes of Del Favero Luster glazes. Slight post-firing reduction. By Steven Branfman.

How to Inlay Glass into Wheel Thrown Raku Pottery

Posted On May 23, 2011 28 Comments

There are all sorts of ways to use glass to embellish pottery. But I had never seen anyone inlay glass exactly like Steven Branfman does. Steven throws a cylinder and then rolls it in crushed glass. Then he continues throwing from the inside (so as not to cut his fingers!) to shape the pot. In today’s post, Steven takes us through the process step by step. Plus, you can download Steven’s raku glaze recipes in our latest free download 15 Tried and True Raku Glaze Recipes: Recipe Cards for our Favorite Raku Pottery Glazes.


Do you Raku? Ten Tried and True Raku Glaze Recipes Available for Download

Posted On August 3, 2009 9 Comments

Today we present a sample recipe from our newest free download, Ten Tried and True Raku Glaze Recipes: Recipe Cards for our Favorite Raku Pottery Glazes.


White Opaque Gloss Glaze Recipe for Raku

Posted On July 29, 2009 0 Comments

Get the raku recipe for White Opaque Gloss glaze.


Ferguson’s White Crackle Raku Glaze Recipe

Posted On July 15, 2009 16 Comments

Get the recipe for Ferguson’s White Crackle Raku Glaze.


Red/Bronze Raku Glaze Recipe

Posted On June 10, 2009 6 Comments

Get the recipe for Red/Bronze Raku Glaze.


Copper Matt and White Crackle Raku Glaze Recipes

Posted On May 20, 2009 1 Comment

Get the recipes for Copper Matt and White Crackle raku glazes.


Raku and Alternative Firing Video: Playing with Fire – Making and Raku Firing a Slab Built Vase

Posted On April 17, 2009 10 Comments

In today’s pottery video, potter Gordon Hutchens makes a slab-built vase form and then takes us through raku firing it. Plus, we’ve posted some of Gordon’s raku glaze recipes and washes for overglaze decoration.


Peel-Away Slip Recipe for Raku

Posted On February 11, 2009 5 Comments

Get the raku recipe for Peel-Away Slip.