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Ceramics Monthly

195303 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: March 1953

Posted On March 1, 1953 0 Comments

Our cover this month is not a pure abstraction, as you might think. It shows a portion of the internal cellular construction of the St. Rose of Lima sculpture. See page 14.

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195302 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: February 1953

Posted On February 1, 1953 0 Comments

Our cover this month amplifies the theme of Dorothy Perkins’ article (page 14): that nature suggests free forms. You won’t find leaves, stones, or flower petals—as such—in the asymmetric pot. They’re there in essence only.

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195301 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: January 1953

Posted On January 1, 1953 0 Comments

Our cover is a variation on a timeless theme, “The Old and New.” Adelaide Robineau’s porcelain Scarab Vase with its intricate incised decoration (right) which won an international prize in 1911 contrasts with a contemporary prize winner from the 17th Ceramic National. The stoneware bottle is by Theodore Randall. This trend toward earthy surfaces and muted colors is discussed by Daniel Rhodes on page 11; the Cover Story on Mrs. Robineau will be found on page 12.

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