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Ceramics Monthly

196101 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: January 1961

Posted On January 1, 1961 0 Comments

Slab-built sets of related pots by Richard Miller are the subject of this month’s feature article. Mr. Miller introduces his own unusual method of constructing these pots as a unit and then slicing them apart.

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196012 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: December 1960

Posted On December 1, 1960 0 Comments

African Madonna, by Trina Paulus, was shown in the National Religious Art Exhibition in Birmingham, Michigan. This ceramic sculpture is approximately 18 inches high and is colored dark and light brown with sgraffito in white. Other works exhibited in this show are pictured in this month’s Show Time feature.

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196011 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: November 1960

Posted On November 1, 1960 0 Comments

The tall vase was made by Robert C. Burkhart of Mt. Pleasant, Michigan. A feature article by Mr. Burkhart, “Learn to Throw Tall Pots,” appears on page 22 of this issue. 

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196010 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: October 1960

Posted On October 1, 1960 0 Comments

Rita Yokoi is the co-winner, with Fred Roth, of the 1960 Elisabeth Moses memorial award given annually by the Association of San Francisco Potters as special recognition to promising young ceramists. Mrs. Yokoi will graduate from the California School of Fine Arts this year, and then plans to share a ceramic studio with her husband.

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196009 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: September 1960

Posted On September 1, 1960 0 Comments

The potters on this month’s cover typify our September theme, “Back-to-Work.” Like ceramists all over the country, they are getting started on another busy season as they scrape, decorate and glaze their over-size pieces of pottery.

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196006 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: June 1960

Posted On June 1, 1960 0 Comments

Trio, white and brown, by Nicholas Vergette; stoneware garden lantern by F. Carlton Ball; and stoneware owl by Ruth Eversole.

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196005 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: May 1960

Posted On May 1, 1960 0 Comments

Terra cotta sculpture, Indian Lion, is 8 inches high, shown by Margot Kempe at the recent annual exhibition, The Craftsman Previews the Sixties. See the feature article on page 15.

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196004 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: April 1960

Posted On April 1, 1960 0 Comments

California potters Helen and David Morris are pictured working in their studio in Sausalito. Their experiments with crystalline stoneware glazes are the subject of the feature beginning on page 15.

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196003 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: March 1960

Posted On March 1, 1960 0 Comments

Stoneware jar with lid, reduction glaze over iron, is one of the pots in the Arts of Southern California VI: Ceramics Exhibit at the Long Beach Museum of Arts. See the feature article on page 15. 

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196002 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: February 1960

Posted On February 1, 1960 0 Comments

Branch bottle, 25 inches high, by collaborators Denis Chasek and Jan Parshall of Akron; “Barn Owl” by Hugh Moore of Cleveland; “Trick Horse,” 18 inches high, by Roy N. Mills of Youngstown. See page 34 for more about this show.

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