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Ceramics Monthly


Ceramics Monthly: June/July/August 1991

Posted On June 1, 1991 0 Comments

Oregon potter Cheryl Williams with an array of her “Explorations in Gold”; her article explains how to apply gold leaf.

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Ceramics Monthly: May 1991

Posted On May 1, 1991 0 Comments

Canadian ceramist Bruce Taylor in his Halifax, Nova Scotia, studio; this artist’s sculpture draws from varied sources, from pottery and architecture to engineering design.

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Ceramics Monthly: April 1991

Posted On April 1, 1991 0 Comments

Pittsboro, North Carolina potter Mark Hewitt inside his 900-cubic-foot, wood-burning tube kiln. Though he was born into a pottery family, their tradition was fine china manufacturing, not handmade salt-glazed stoneware.

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Ceramics Monthly: March 1991

Posted On March 1, 1991 0 Comments

Florida mixed-media artist Nan Smith provides an intimate view of her current work, from its forming and decorating processes to its reason for being.

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Ceramics Monthly: February 1991

Posted On February 1, 1991 0 Comments

Arizona potter Don Reitz, often called “the king of salt glaze, the workshop king, the Kenzan of American ceramics, etc.,” has continued along a path of risk and change.

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Ceramics Monthly: January 1991

Posted On January 1, 1991 0 Comments

Ban Kajitani brushing slip onto slab sculpture destined for a one-man show in Tokyo. 

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Ceramics Monthly: December 1990

Posted On December 1, 1990 0 Comments

Ellen Shankin in her Virginia studio. Ellen is one of 31 potters/clay artists who received National Endowment fellowships this year.

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Ceramics Monthly: November 1990

Posted On November 1, 1990 0 Comments

Bruce Cochrane at his studio in Canada. Through his work, Cochrane seeks to combine individual expression with utilitarian demands.

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Ceramics Monthly: October 1990

Posted On October 1, 1990 0 Comments

Santa Cruz, California studio ceramist Sally Gaynor with three teapots that retain a traditional handle and spout, but take a functional detour to travel down a road rife with visual puns and architectural allusions.

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Ceramics Monthly: September 1990

Posted On September 1, 1990 0 Comments

Full-time potter John Glick in his Farmington, Michigan studio. Part I of Glick’s two-part portfolio looks at the continuum of his work, while discussing mid-career issues that concern potters everywhere.

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