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Ceramics Monthly

196204 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: April 1962

Posted On April 1, 1962 0 Comments

Rut Bryk’s ceramic tile is a design of barbaric splendor combined with childhood fantasy. 

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196203 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: March 1962

Posted On March 1, 1962 0 Comments

David W. Laughlin’s wheel-thrown Owls are among the creatures described in his feature article. The owls, which are from 8 to 12 inches high, are made from a clay composed of earthenware and fireclay and fired to about cone 5.

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196202 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: February 1962

Posted On February 1, 1962 0 Comments

Angelo C. Garzio’s Stoneware Teapot has a pulled clay overhead handle. The teapot has a wax-resist decoration and was reduction fired to cone 7.

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196201 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: January 1962

Posted On January 1, 1962 0 Comments

Bud Vase by Edward Cromey was made by combining slab and thrown parts; the decorative scale effect was achieved by the applique method. The unusual “orange peel” texture results from the use of the salt glaze technique.

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196112 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: December 1961

Posted On December 1, 1961 0 Comments

The Virgin Mary and Christ Child, from the workshop of Andrea della Robbia (1480-90), is presented as our Holiday Greeting to potters everywhere. This superb example of Italian ceramic work is 40 inches in diameter. The heads, bodies and wings in the central panel are unglazed, revealing the terra cotta color of the clay; the background is the traditional della Robbia blue glaze and the halos are white. The cherub border is blue and white, and the fruit border is green, raisin, lavender, mustard and green.

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196111 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: November 1961

Posted On November 1, 1961 0 Comments

World-famous potter Angelo C. Garzio is pictured scoring a wheel-thrown pitcher preparatory to attaching the handle. Mr. Garzio’s feature article in this issue gives his views on making and placing of the handle, and the accompanying illustrations record each decisive step in the process.

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196110 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: October 1961

Posted On October 1, 1961 0 Comments

Prize-winning pottery entries from the 43rd Annual Toledo Area Artists Exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art. Pictured (left to right) are: Branch Vase by Norman Schulman; Stoneware Bottle by Charles Lakofsky; and Stoneware Vase by Fly Shaffer.

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196109 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: September 1961

Posted On September 1, 1961 0 Comments

“William,” the Egyptian ceramic hippopotamus that has long been a favorite with visitors to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, is the first subject in CM’s new monthly feature, Picture Parade.

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196106 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: June 1961

Posted On June 1, 1961 0 Comments

Stoneware Bottle by Richard M. Lincoln was awarded the Ann Arbor Artisan’s Purchase Prize at the Michigan Designer-Craftsmen exhibition. The bottle was presented to the University of Michigan Museum of Art.

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196105 Cover 2

Ceramics Monthly: May 1961

Posted On May 1, 1961 0 Comments

Richard Peeler’s method of making flattened pots from a hump mold offers many interesting variations on a basic shape.

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