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Ceramics Monthly

Work and Play: The Potter’s Life

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Choosing Solitude Jeff Oestreich, Taylors Falls, Minnesota; Deeply Invested Silvie Granatelli, Floyd, Virginia; Small Rewards, But Who’s Counting?, Blair Meerfeld, Saguache, Colorado; Hard Work, Soft Clay, Mark Shapiro, Worthington, Massachusetts; Foundation Stones John Glick, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; Pots in the Real World Ayumi Horie, Cottekill, New York


Ceramics Monthly: 2008 June/July/August

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Focus: The Potter’s Life

Our annual feature with advice, reflection and insights by working potters on how they balance life, work, studio, art, tough choices, easy choices, and how others might do the same.

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Ceramics Monthly: May 2008

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Emerging Artist Issue

Even if it weren’t spring, we would be celebrating new growth and possibilities. This year’s group of emerging artists work in all manner of established ceramic processes, while expanding what it means to be working in clay in the twenty-first century.

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200712 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: December 2007

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“Oval Window Vine,” 17 inches in height, thrown and altered stoneware with iron slip over alberta and white slip, wax resist, wood fired with salt and soda ash; by Sam Taylor.

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200711 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: November 2007

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“Oscillation #3,” 29 inches in height, press-molded terra cotta, slip, glaze, by Jason Green.

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200710 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: October 2007

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“Creep,” 19 inches in height, slip-cast ceramic with acrylic paints by Tyler Lotz.

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200708 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: August/September 2007

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“Large Jar,” 18 inches in height, Pink Shino glaze with crawl pattern, fired to Cone 9, by Lisa Hammond.

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200706 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: June/July 2007

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“Octopus Plate,” 10.5 inches in diameter, stoneware with wax-resist glaze decoration, wood fired, by Ken Sedberry.

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200705 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: May 2007

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“Window of Opportunity,” 28 inches in height, thrown stoneware with brushed-on English porcelain slip, gloss white glaze, fired to Cone 10 in reduction, by Kevin Nguyen.

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200704 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: April 2007

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“Fruit Basket” and “Flower Basket,” to 12 inches in height, thrown, altered and fluted porcelain, with flashing slip (fruit basket) and Willie Hillix glaze (flower basket), single fired to Cone 10 in a soda kiln, by Gay Smith.

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