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Ceramics Monthly


Ceramics Monthly: January 1988

Posted On January 1, 1988 0 Comments

Wood-fired jar, approximately 20 inches in height, feldspathic Shigaraki-type clay, with decorative “lip shadow” from an adjacent pot, by Tsujimura Shiro of Japan.

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Ceramics Monthly: December 1987

Posted On December 1, 1987 0 Comments

In his studio, a table is arranged for comparison of thrown and faceted porcelain vases by Chris Staley of Kansas.

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Ceramics Monthly: November 1987

Posted On November 1, 1987 0 Comments

Wood-fired stoneware jar, glazed, approximately 29 inches in height, by Ken Ferguson.

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Ceramics Monthly: October 1987

Posted On October 1, 1987 0 Comments

Terra-cotta column, 7 feet in height, plus smaller stoneware sculpture and a modular doorframe, installed in the courtyard of the Sangallo Fortress in Civita Castellano (Viterbo, Italy), by Nino Caruso.

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Ceramics Monthly: September 1987

Posted On September 1, 1987 0 Comments

Slip-decorated red earthenware platter, 25 inches in diagonal width, clear amber glazed, by Everette Busbee.

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Ceramics Monthly: June/July/August 1987

Posted On June 1, 1987 0 Comments

Porcelain gourd vase and medallion platters (circa 1900-1904) by Taxile Doat, an artist-potter famous for his work at Sèvres.

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Ceramics Monthly: May 1987

Posted On May 1, 1987 0 Comments

Terra-cotta warrior, 8 inches in height; even after 1100 years, the maker’s fingerprints are visible on the earflares and headdress. Recent analyses of Maya ceramics have disclosed not the peaceful star-gazing culture once perceived by wishful historians, but instead a society preoccupied with blood, the supernatural and ritual sacrifice.

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Ceramics Monthly: April 1987

Posted On April 1, 1987 0 Comments

Texas potter Gary Hatcher realized his dream of firing “for the cost of labor” with a large, efficient, wood-burning kiln.

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Ceramics Monthly: March 1987

Posted On March 1, 1987 0 Comments

Robert Arneson in his California studio. 

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Ceramics Monthly: February 1987

Posted On February 1, 1987 0 Comments

“Untitled Antelope Jar,” thrown and handbuilt porcelain and stoneware, with gold and lusters, on a raku base, 22 inches in height by Adrian Saxe, recipient of a $15,000 National Endowment for the Arts Visual Artists Fellowship.

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