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Ceramics Monthly


Striving for Perfection: Energy Efficiency and Combustion

Posted On May 20, 2009 0 Comments

To achieve complete combustion, the exact proportions of fuel and oxygen are required with nothing remaining. In a gas kiln firing this is often difficult to attain because of the many variables in fuel and oxygen (which is derived from the air) and the equipment used to mix the two.


Ceramics Monthly, June/July/August 2009

Posted On May 19, 2009 Comments Off on Ceramics Monthly, June/July/August 2009

Focus: Working Potters

Eight full-time working potters share their insights on making it in the pottery world, in the studio and in life.
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Panama Red Glaze, Cone 6 reduction

Mid-Range Reduction Firing: It’s Not Just Cooler, It’s Cool!

Posted On May 13, 2009 20 Comments

As John Britt points out in today’s post, firing to cone 6 reduction is cheaper, faster, and the results can be almost indistinguishable from high fire.

Mark Hewitt: Working Potter

Posted On May 1, 2009 1 Comment

As part of our Working Potter series, successful potter Mark Hewitt shares his approach to the handmade pottery business.

La Meridiana

Posted On April 29, 2009 0 Comments
LA MERIDIANA International School of Ceramics in Tuscany. Italian culture, Mediterranean flair and a facility dedicated to the continual education in Ceramic Art. Programme 2015 at

Ceramics Consulting Services

Posted On April 29, 2009 0 Comments
Ceramics Consulting Services offers technical information and practical advice on clay/glaze/kiln faults and corrections, slip casting, clay body/glaze formulas, salt glazing, product design. Call or write for details. Jeff Zamek, 6 Glendale Woods Dr., Southampton, MA 01073; (413) 527-7337; e-mail; or  

Petro Mold

Posted On April 29, 2009 0 Comments
Custom Ceramic Molds – For nearly 20 years, Petro Mold Company has been designing molds for some of the world’s most renowned ceramic artists and potters. Our innovative molds will help you improve productivity with your popular designs. We set the highest American quality standards with our sculpting, mold manufacturing and design services. Visit us… Read More »

Emerging Ceramic Artist to Watch: Stephanie Craig, Strongsville, Ohio

Posted On April 27, 2009 0 Comments

In my current studio work, the Factory Work Series, I am equally
interested in formal design considerations and conceptual concerns.
Each piece is carefully crafted with emphasis on elements in contrast;
most notably the delicate white figures juxtaposing the crusty
industrial machinery.

Emerging Ceramic Artist to Watch: Shay Church, Kalamazoo, Michigan

Posted On April 27, 2009 1 Comment

I believe in the natural cycles of the earth. I often find truth within
these patterns of life and death. While cities grow, wars rage and
industry climbs, nature’s pulse is just as persistent. Migratory paths
remain, rivers continue to run downstream, wolves hunt, and insects are

Diana Fayt: Working Potter

Posted On April 22, 2009 1 Comment

As part of our Working Potter series, successful potter Diana Fayt shares her approach to the handmade pottery business.