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See how today's ceramic artists are taking the lessons from old traditions and shaping their work for the future. Meet emerging and established ceramic artists and find out what influences their work. Learn more about the issues affecting contemporary studio ceramic artists and potters. In these articles, you'll find out how working artists make it work. You'll learn about their inspirations, methods, challenges and see examples of some of the best ceramic art being made today. And don't forget to download your free copy of Emerging Ceramic Artists: New Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture. You won't want to miss these up-and-coming ceramic artists who are sure to make a mark on the ceramic art world!


A Visit Down Under to Kenji Uranishi’s Pottery Studio

Posted On April 17, 2013 6 Comments

Kenji Uranishi left the countryside of Japan in 2004 to set up shop in Brisbane, Australia and be with his Aussie girlfriend (now wife). His studio is small and sometimes it is necessary to spill over into the rest of the house – a challenge with two young boys! But he still manages to make his gorgeous delicate work. In today’s post, Kenji explains how he makes his small studio work for him. 


Checking in with Euan Craig: A New Studio, A New Start

Posted On March 4, 2013 4 Comments

It has been nearly two years since a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit northern Japan. After the disaster, we posted an entry from potter Euan Craig’s blog (Euan the Potter) documenting how his family and his pottery were impacted. Euan and his family made the difficult decision to relocate and start over. In today’s post, an excerpt from his Studio Visit article in the March 2013 issue of Ceramics Monthly, Euan gives us an update from his new studio in Minakami, Japan. – Jennifer Harnetty, editor. 


A Pottery Paycheck: Expert Insights into Making a Living as a Potter

Posted On February 11, 2013 8 Comments

The Working Potters issue is back. In it, eight fulltime potters share their trials, tribulations and triumphs working for a living in this field. Today, we’ll present an excerpt from that article.

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From Potter to Pottery Designer

Posted On January 7, 2013 3 Comments

In a world that seems to favor the fast and the cheap, it can be difficult to sustain a career as a maker of handmade objects. In fact, I think artists work harder than anyone I know to sustain their careers. Even with a successful exhibition career, a teaching gig, and selling her pots, Molly Hatch struggled with these very issues. Then she got a very intriguing email. The major retailer Anthropologie was interested in partnering with her to produce a line of dinnerware for the store. In today’s post, Molly explains how this turn of events came about and gives advice for other potters hoping to receive similar emails!


Ceramic Sculptor Adrian Arleo Shares How She Made a Life in Clay

Posted On July 30, 2012 7 Comments

As a child I always enjoyed making things. It’s been part of my trajectory from the very beginning; I loved to draw, paint, sew, and create doodads with whatever was around. My family has a history of women artists, though it has only been my generation who has worked professionally at it.


Text and Context: Stephanie DeArmond’s Slab-Built Porcelain Letterforms

Posted On March 5, 2012 3 Comments

In today’s post, an excerpt from a full profile in the June/July/August issue of Ceramics Monthly, Molly Hatch discusses Stephanie’s work and influences. Plus, Stephanie takes us through the process of slab building her letterforms.

Margeaux Claude is one of the Ceramics Monthly Undergraduate Showcase artists for this 2011.

Announcing the Ceramics Monthly Undergraduate Showcase Artists

Posted On August 17, 2011 11 Comments

It’s that time of year again. Ceramics Monthly has chosen the winners of its popular Undergraduate Showcase competition. This competition highlights impressive work by artists who are still in the very beginning stages of their explorations with clay. The artists chosen are featured in the September 2011 issue of Ceramics Monthly. Today, I thought I would give these artists a little CAD love and share their work with you. Let’s all give them a virtual round of applause!

Nesting bowls, to 12½ in. (32 cm) in diameter, handbuilt earthenware, fired to cone 02 in an electric kiln, 2008.

Down to Earth: Joseph Pintz’s Hand-Hewn Ceramic Sculpture

Posted On July 11, 2011 3 Comments

Today, in an excerpt from our latest free download Contemporary Clay Sculpture: Modern Ceramic Sculpture as Narrative, Object, and Decor, we learn a little about Joseph and his work. Plus, he talks about the process behind his rough-hewn, handbuilt pottery, and more.


Pottery Exhibition to Feature 120 Ken Matsuzaki Pots That Narrowly Escaped Japan Earthquake

Posted On May 25, 2011 7 Comments

In today’s post I wanted to highlight an upcoming exhibition that
features pottery that narrowly escaped the devastating March earthquakes
in Japan.
In addition to getting the word out about this exhibition, I wanted
to send an update about the potteries of Japan. In this excerpt from the
June/July/August issue of
Ceramics Monthly, Naomi Tsukamoto explains how the potters of Mashiko are slowly rebuilding their lives.

Dot Dot Dash Dinner Plate, 11 in. (28 cm) in diameter, porcelain with iron oxide decals, 2010.

Meredith Host, Emerging Artist 2011

Posted On April 11, 2011 3 Comments

Meredith Host, Kansas City, Missouri