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Ceramics Monthly

197505 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: May 1975

Posted On May 1, 1975 0 Comments

“Head of an Old Warrior,” terra cotta, approximately 25 inches in height, by Francois Rude (1784-1855). The artist, born in Dijon, France, was exiled in Brussels after Napoleon’s abdication in 1815. There he completed this work which is now part of the Hirshhorn Museum Collection, featured on page 20 of this issue.

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197504 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: April 1975

Posted On April 1, 1975 0 Comments

“One Half of the All-American Comedy Team (With Spoon Removed),” covered jar, 10 inches in height. The ware was slip cast with low-fire and luster glazes, commercial decals, and individually produced decals by Illinois potter, Jonathan Kaplan. This author’s two-part article series, “Making Ceramic Decals,” begins on page 18 of this issue.

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197503 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: March 1975

Posted On March 1, 1975 0 Comments

Plate by Shoji Hamada, 10.75 inches in diameter by 1.75 inches in height, dark brown and white trailed glaze decoration. The piece is from Hamada’s 1963 exhibition at the M.H. deYoung Memorial Museum, San Francisco.

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197502 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: February 1975

Posted On February 1, 1975 0 Comments

“Light Gatherers,” translucent porcelain by Rudolf Staffel. The artist is chairman of the ceramics area at Tyler School of Art of Temple University, the host institution for the 1975 meeting of the National Council on Education for the Ceramic Arts (NCECA). The Tyler School of Art is the subject of a feature article beginning on page 16 of this issue.

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197501 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: January 1975

Posted On January 1, 1975 0 Comments

“K4985 Stall,” by Jack Earl, slip-cast porcelain, dissected and re-assembled from sections of plumbingware—one of more than 120 pieces of ceramic sculpture produced at the Kohler Company in August 1974. This unique involvement of industry with artists is the subject of the feature article beginning on page 17 of this issue.

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197412 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: December 1974

Posted On December 1, 1974 0 Comments

A selection of glazed and slip-decorated functional ware by Cynthia Bringle. This contemporary North Carolina potter is the subject of CM’s special Portfolio beginning on page 37.

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197411 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: November 1974

Posted On November 1, 1974 0 Comments

Porcelain bowl with brush decoration, 11 inches in diameter, by Bernard Leach; exhibited in the 20th Ceramic International at the Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, New York, in 1958.

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197410 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: October 1974

Posted On October 1, 1974 0 Comments

White stoneware and porcelain table with glass top, 16 inches in diameter and 11 inches in height, by Mary Keepax, Ballinafad, Ontario. The table was one of the 1,000 craft objects shown at the First World Crafts Exhibition, “In Praise of Hands,” presented at the Ontario Science Centre, Toronto.

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197409 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: September 1974

Posted On September 1, 1974 0 Comments

Forms in a technique series from an exhibition of ceramics by Doug Baldwin, Baltimore, featured this year at the Maryland Institute College of Art.

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197406 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: June 1974

Posted On June 1, 1974 0 Comments

Large Bowl, E-Shino ware, ca. 1700 A.D., Japan, from the Avery Brundage Collection.

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