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Ceramics Monthly

197712 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: December 1977

Posted On December 1, 1977 0 Comments

Handmade ceramic tile floor (detail) 10 x 12 feet, by Farley Tobin. This and other works were presented as part of the artist’s Master of Fine Arts thesis exhibition, held at the Cranbrook Academy of Art, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

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197711 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: November 1977

Posted On November 1, 1977 0 Comments

Kogo (incense box), Kyoto, Japan, mid-nineteenth century, approximately one inch in height, two inches in diameter. This and other kogo were presented in an exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the subject of a feature article beginning on page 22.

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197710 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: October 1977

Posted On October 1, 1977 0 Comments

Otto and Vivika Heino, potters of Ojai, California, with their salt kiln. The Heinos are featured in a profile beginning on page 38.

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197709 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: September 1977

Posted On September 1, 1977 0 Comments

“Man in a Pin-Stripe Suit,” oxidized stoneware with slip decoration and incising, approximately 12 x 13 inches, by Jill Crowley, London. Other works by this potter-turned-sculptor are presented on pages 36 and 37.

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197706 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: June 1977

Posted On June 1, 1977 0 Comments

Fluted stoneware vase with temmoku glaze, 14½ inches in height, by Bernard Leach. Produced in 1959, this thrown form was exhibited at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, as part of an extensive retrospective of the potter’s work, which is featured beginning on page 47.

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197705 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: May 1977

Posted On May 1, 1977 0 Comments

“Ceramic Sculpture 2,” glazed low-fire clay, 3½ inches in height, by Roy Lichtenstein. The object is one of a group of the artist’s ceramic works which were presented in an exhibition at the Art Galleries of California University, Long Beach. More of Lichtenstein’s work is featured in an article beginning on page 40.

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197704 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: April 1977

Posted On April 1, 1977 0 Comments

Salt-glazed stoneware spice grinder (matcahete) with cobalt blue decoration, and pestle, circa 1887, by Ernst Richter, Bexar County, Texas. This pressed form is one of a number of unusual historic and modern American works shown in “Texas Pottery, Caddo Indian to Contemporary,” at the Star of the Republic Museum, Washington, Texas. Additional objects from the exhibition are featured beginning on page 28.

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197703 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: March 1977

Posted On March 1, 1977 0 Comments

Stoneware vase with incised decoration, 14 inches in height, by Marguerite Wildenhain. Photographed in the corner of the artist’s barn studio at Pond Farm, the work reflects its environment in a style reminiscent of this master potter’s Bauhaus training. A profile of Marguerite Wildenhain begins on page 21.

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197702 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: February 1977

Posted On February 1, 1977 0 Comments

“I knew a guy who set on the cellar door ’cause he didn’t want to go down there nobody cared I just noticed it,” handbuilt porcelain, approximately 8 inches in height, by Jack Earl, Charles City, Virginia. The object appeared in “Contemporary Clay: Ten Approaches,” an exhibition at Dartmouth College, which is featured beginning on page 26.

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197701 Cover

Ceramics Monthly: January 1977

Posted On January 1, 1977 0 Comments

Two vases, by Eileen Lewenstein. Left, glazed porcelain with incising; right, glazed stoneware. Both forms (approximately 5½ inches in height) were displayed as part of the exhibition “Twenty-Four British Potters” presented on page 26 of this issue.

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