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Lane, Debi

Posted On September 25, 2015 0 Comments
        Debi LanePitter Potter HouseMendenhall,   Studio Description: I am a self-taught artist starting work with clay approximately 5 years ago as what I thought would be a hobby. The possibilities to create objects from start to finish from nothing but a lump of earth was intoxicating and clay, has since,… Read More »

Bubliene, Asta

Posted On September 25, 2015 0 Comments
   .     Asta Bubliene Asta Joanna DesignKew Gardens,   Studio Description: I like to combine simplicity and opulence in my designs and for decoration to follow and enrich the form of the object. In my pottery I match organic forms and motifs with geometric ornaments and abstract designs — flowers, birds, trees… Read More »

Riley, Greg

Posted On September 25, 2015 0 Comments
        Greg RileyG.C.R. Ceramic DesignLaguna Beach, CA   Studio Description: The work shown here is an original identity in ceramics. Each piece is handmade, one of a kind. Ranging in a variety of shapes and sizes, each piece goes through three firings in a process called “Glaze Searing”. This application is done… Read More »

Mannion, Kris

Posted On September 25, 2015 0 Comments
        Kris Mannion   Studio Description: In my journey through ceramic processes, I discovered the art of ceramic slip casting and found myself absorbed in the labor intense, precise, and often unforgiving elements of making plaster molds from my own designs.  Using molds to make multiples from clay slip allows me to… Read More »

Avalos, Luis

Posted On July 21, 2015 0 Comments
          Luis Avalos, Jr Redondo Beach, California

Nelson-Moore, Judy

Posted On April 17, 2015 0 Comments
Judy Nelson-Moore Dancing Mud Studio Santa Fe, NM   Email: Contact Information: (505)466-3070 Call to arrange a studio visit outside Santa Fe, New Mexico. Dancing Mud Studio also sponsors workshops at Ghost Ranch, Abiquiu, New Mexico. See for more information.   Studio Description: I grew up in Denver, a city girl. I… Read More »

Witt, Verna

Posted On April 17, 2015 0 Comments
Verna Witt Marvin Gardens Studio Waxhaw, North Carolina  Email: Contact Information: 9903 Heritage Oak Lane Marvin, NC 28173   Studio Description: My life as a ceramic artist reflects my formal training as a textile designer. My work is often inspired by fashion; from clothing to accessories. I create clay vessels that might seem… Read More »

Birstein, Suzy

Posted On April 17, 2015 0 Comments
      Suzy Burstein Suzy’s Garden Studio Vancouver, BC   Email:   Contact Information:   Studio Description: I work from my lovely home based garden studio in Vancouver, Canada just a few blocks from the beach. Studio description or artist statement: As a child I studied dance while absorbing Hollywood musicals, film… Read More »

Westheimer, Lisa G.

Posted On April 17, 2015 0 Comments
Lisa G. Westheimer  Lisa G. Westheimer Ceramics and Glass West Orange, NJ  Email:   Contact Information: My studio is in a converted stable built in 1885 and is located just down the road from the museum that was Thomas Edison’s home and factory. I try to channel him whenever I am experimenting… Read More »

Dabrowska-Picewicz, Monika

Posted On April 17, 2015 0 Comments
Monika Dabrowska-Picewicz Kety (Poland)  Email: Contact Information: ul.Partyzantow 20, 32-650 Kety, Poland mobile +48 506376980 Studio Description: . My ceramic work represents an investigation into two main areas: The first creating functional vessels where i concentrate on a simple line using a range of coloured glazes, which transform during the firing… Read More »