Sticks and Stones . . .

. . . are just about the only things it takes to enjoy pit firing and burnishing. These extremely low-tech techniques require the very basics — some sticks for a fire, rocks or bricks for a pit, and a stone to smooth the clay surface.


Sumi von Dassow is an expert on alternative firing techniques as well as an accomplished ceramics instructor and seasoned writer. Her latest book and DVD give you all the information you need to pick up many exciting low-tech pottery techniques.


You’ll discover a wealth of information in her book and enjoy the detailed demonstrations on her DVD. Both the book and DVD are now available for more than 10% off when you purchase the Sumi von Dassow collection.

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Low-Firing and Burnishing Cover from the Sumi von Dassow Collection Back to the (very) basics

Low-firing and burnishing are two of the most primitive methods in ceramics and both are still practiced extensively around the world. Sumi von Dassow takes a look at these techniques and provides all the information you need to get started in this exciting yet primitive branch of ceramics.

     After a discussion about burnished pottery throughout history and a discussion of burnishing itself, Sumi explains in great detail several step-by-step processes for this alternative to glazing. You’ll discover various techniques from different artists for smoke-firing, black-firing, pit-firing and saggar-firing. And there’s also a brief discussion on raku firing using the horsehair and naked raku techniques.


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pitfringburnishingcov190See the process in action

In Pit Firing & Burnishing, Sumi leads you step-by-step through the burnishing and pit firing processes. With her techniques, you’ll capture the true essence of the ceramics – no glazes, no pyrometers or computer controllers, no technology. As a pit fire roars into life then slowly cools, you’ll discover a richly rewarding experience that can’t be experienced anywhere else in ceramics.

     Although the techniques are low-tech, they do require some practice to get the results you’re looking for. you’ll discover the time you spend carefully smoothing the surface of your work and then firing it in a pit is truly rewarding. Plus, Sumi’s method, though not the only one around, has worked for her and hundreds of her students and workshop attendees.

Run Time: 60 minutes


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There are no limits to how creative you can be with alternative firing. No matter what your skill level, you’ll be able to tackle these techniques following the step-by-step instructions in Sumi’s book and DVD. We all love to work with fire, so how exciting would it be to produce some beautiful work in all that flame and smoke?
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Save more than 10% when you purchase Low-Firing and Burnishing and Sumi’s Pit-Firing and Burnishing DVD
for only $59.95 and get FREE SHIPPING when you order online (US orders only)