OutOfTheFireCoverOut of the Fire  offers an absorbing look into the little-known world of wood-firing potters, who use ancient, labor intensive techniques to achieve stunning, unique surfaces on their pots – surfaces enhanced by fire markings, and melted wood ash.
But this inspiring film is not just about making pots. It is also about a way of life, and forging an individual life path. The film explores the drive to create, the importance of community, and the roles of risk-taking, focus, and authenticity in creating the best possible work – and living life to the fullest.​
Run Time: 1 hour, 16 minutes


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“Out of the Fire” is produced and directed by Courtenay Singer, and is a production of “Out of the Fire Films, LLC.” More at: www.outofthefirefilms.com.
CroweAndLoomansJoin potter Kevin Crowe, apprentice Krista Loomans, and their dedicated crew as they complete a four day, high-temperature kiln firing of nearly 2000 clay pots. In this kiln, nearly six months worth of work – and income – are at stake. 

I imagine this film being shown in colleges and universities and being discussed anywhere clayfolk congregate. It should be, for its subject – ‘a way of life” – lies far afield from formal academic learning. — Jack Troy


Crowe_WayOfLifeThis fascinating story, artfully told, provides an insider’s look into the world of wood-firing potters. You get to spend time with a master potter, his family, and his apprentice for a look into a different way of life, one built around art-making with centuries-old firing techniques; along with a strong dose of focus.


CroweActionFilmThe concepts of self-reliance, risk-taking, and passion for the arts are expressed in ways both personal and profound, and the piece is filled with metaphors – yet the video itself also contains elements of an action movie.


KevingCroweInTheKiln_350x230Out of the Fire clarifies what is lacking in so many other films about woodfiring. While the process itself has a built-in narrative – make-glaze-load-fire-unload-behold – the ‘why’ of it and its compelling human aspects differ widely and are harder to document. — Jack Troy


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KevinCrowe_AboutArtistAbout the Artist

Kevin Crowe operates Tye River Pottery in the foothills of the Blueridge Mountains, and is Chair Elect of the Potters Council Advisory Board. Kevin’s pots are fired in a 450 cubic foot, 3- chamber combination anagama and noborigama kiln. Firings last 4 days, consuming 5 cords of wood and firing 1200–1500 pots.The kiln is fired twice a year when the moon is right and it’s not soccer season.

This documentary is about Kevin—and so much more. You’ll see the process of one of these firings, but also glimpse the life of a potter, the dedication and focus required, and the sacrifices necessary to live an authentic life.


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