Mike Jabbur creates teapots that are unique and unlike any other teapot you’ve probably ever seen. In this video he demonstrates the throwing and complex assembly techniques he uses for one of these signature teapots. Throughout his demonstration, he provides details on everything from his signature cantilevered forms to his striking lid handles. His easy-to-follow instructions lead you step-by-step through each element that will likely provide inspiration for a signature form you may want to try.


Run time: 1 hour


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Mikes’s Cantilevered Teapot video is also featured on the
Getting Creative with Spouts and Handles

DVD ($39.95) and download ($34.95) which includes videos by
Marty Fielding, Suze Lindsay and Lorna Meaden.

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Skills you’ll pick up from watching Mike’s Teapot video

  • How to throw a dramatic cantilevered form
  • How to throw with tight controlbut alter the form with loose gestural marks
  • How to make a simple lid seat with a chamois and a credit card
  • How to make a well-fitted lid
  • How to throw and alter a spout for gesture and optimal function
  • How to make a lid catch
  • How to make an elegant handle without much water
  • How to make and use a bisque trimming chuck for narrow-necked delicate forms
  • Plus, scores of tool tips and advice from an experienced pro
Purchase the Video Download $9.95


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