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The electric kiln has made the experience of pottery accessible to people from all walks of life. For those who would like to better understand the art and science of pottery, this Ceramics Monthly Handbook, edited by Sumi von Dassow, focuses on the expertise of ceramic artists who have explored the possibilities and potential of electric kilns. These artists share their knowledge on a wide range of topics, including clay bodies, glazes, decorating, form and more.


This book is a must-read for anyone involved in creating ceramics with an electric kiln. It will provide inspiration for your creative journey and will help you discover the virtue and versatility of the electric kiln.


134 Pages | Order code CA19D | ISBN 978-1-57498-559-7



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Table of Contents


1. Functional Pottery: A Colorful Story

  • Transitions and Transformations: From Reduction to Wood Fire to Cone 6 Electric by Geoffrey Wheeler
  • Ray Bub’s Reassembled Ring Teapots by Paul Park
  • Glaze Recipes from Ray Bub
  • Shiji Ikeda by James Irwin
  • A Dialogue with Lisa Orr by Rafael Molina-Rodriguez
  • Jared Jaffe’s Functional Fantasies by Lisa Hurwitz



2. Sculptural Work: The Significance of the Surface

  • Deeply Rooted by Linda Ganstrom
  • Suggestive Symbols by David Benge
  • Mary Barringer’s Conversations by Leigh Taylor Mickelson
  • Keisuke Mizuno
  • JoAnn Schnabel by Rachel Marie-Crane Williams
  • The Totemic Sculptures of Ted Vogel by Kate Bonansinga
  • A Personal Aesthetic by Howard Koerth



3. The Decorated Surface: Adding Pattern and Imagery

  • The Allure of Slipware by Irma Starr
  • Washington Ledesma’s Parade of Personalities by Jani Gardner
  • Marty Ray by Marla Ziegler
  • Never Be Aftraid to Play by Elaine Alt
  • Living Tile by Candy Resnick
  • Thomas Orr’s Ceramic Paintings by Kate Bonansinga
  • Sun Chao: A New Way with Crystals by Tobie Meyer


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4. Majolica-From the Renaissance to the Space Age

Invisible Gesture by Paul Rozman
Morgen Hall
Steve Davis-Rosenbaum by Nancy K. Foreman
Contempo-Baroque Majolica, the Art of Simona Alexandrov by Louise Melton
Another Season, Another Palette by Mary George Kronstadt


5. The Building Blocks of Electric Kiln Pottery: Clay and Glaze Formulation

  • Low-Fire Redware Bodies by Jonathan Kaplan
  • Red Clays for Mid-Range Oxidation by David G. Wright
  • Versatile Cone 06-6 Clays and Engobes by Gerald Rowan
  • Porcelain Slip Glaze by Joseph Godwin
  • Layered Cone 6 and Cone 06 Glazes by Lana Wilson
  • The Fugitive Blue Chun by Emman Okunna
  • Awka Oil-Spot Glaze by Emman Okunna
  • Electric Kiln Copper Reds by Robert S. Pearson and Beatrice I. Pearson
  • Cone 5 Blue Glazes by Dwain Naragon
  • Crystalline Glazes: A Precise Method by Bevan Norkin
  • No More Gerstley Borate by Jeff Zamek
  • Substitutions for Gerstley Borate by Jeff Zamek


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