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Turner Glazing Cover

Tom Turner – Understanding Porcelain II: Glazing and Firing

Posted On July 18, 2013 Comments Off on Tom Turner – Understanding Porcelain II: Glazing and Firing

Tom Turner has spent a lifetime pursuing perfection in clay. From his earliest attempts in high school back in the sixties to his latest trial-and-error experiments 50 years later, Tom has never lost his zeal for discovery. In this second installment of his two-part series, Understanding Porcelain, Tom leads you through his glazing and firing processes to help you better understand the complexities and nuances of these two critical stages of the process. From searching for glaze materials and understanding how to blend them to firing kilns to get the best results, Tom’s insights from years of experience can help you become the potter you want to be.

Tom Turner Understanding Porcelain Cover

Tom Turner: Understanding Porcelain – Throwing and Decorating

Posted On July 16, 2013 Comments Off on Tom Turner: Understanding Porcelain – Throwing and Decorating
Throwing and Decorating Of all clay, porcelain is undoubtedly the most difficult to work with. Because of its fine grain size, special care must be taken when working with it from the time you take it out of storage until you remove it from the final firing. In this DVD, master potter and porcelain expert… Read More »

Pottery Video of the Week: Advice on Making Lidded Forms from Master Potter Tom Turner

Posted On February 10, 2012 7 Comments

A couple of years ago, master potter Tom Turner decided to record one of his two-day workshops and make it into a DVD. Today, we are presenting an excerpt from that, in which Tom explains the considerations he makes when making lidded forms. 


Mini Pottery Workshop Video: Three Nuggets of Wisdom from an Expert Potter

Posted On April 15, 2011 29 Comments

A couple of years ago, master potter Tom Turner hosted a two-day
workshop. Fortunately, for those who were not lucky enough to attend
the workshop, he had the whole thing filmed and turned it into a DVD.
The DVD is chock full of little nuggets of wisdom that come from
Turner’s many years of making pottery. I picked out three of those
little nuggets to share with you today.

Pottery Decorating Video: Tom Turner Workshop DVD

Posted On October 31, 2008 2 Comments

If you’ve ever attended a workshop, you know that you come away with more information than you could possible remember or apply, and your head is swimming with new ideas and projects to try in your own studio. Not only do you get ideas for how the presenter makes his or her own work, but you get the benefit of their experience and the insight behind their work. These excerpts from a two-day workshop with Tom Turner go beyond the basic how-to video to document the vast knowledge and experience of an established master potter. They are just a small sampling of what is available on the four DVD set. Enjoy!—Sherman Hall, Ceramic Arts Daily

Collecting: The Quest for Rightness

Posted On October 1, 2008 0 Comments

Looking for and recognizing the qualities in pots that make them timeless, instructive and perhaps even priceless.


Two Day Workshop & 34 Pots from 1970-2004

Posted On December 20, 2006 Comments Off on Two Day Workshop & 34 Pots from 1970-2004

Can you imagine what it would be like to learn from one of the best potters in the world? To have them sit next to you and share their years of experience and know-how one on one? Most of us can only dream of such an opportunity as timing, distance and finances often keep us from realizing such a dream.
That’s changed.

With DVDs, we can all experience the intimate workshop experience. With Tom Turner’s Two Day Workshop DVD, you’ll have the opportunity to learn, to absorb and to revisit the workshop experience of one of the world’s truly Master Potters over and over again, gaining more depth with each viewing.