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Suze Lindsay - Pouring Vessels - Cover

Pouring Vessels

Posted On May 24, 2013 Comments Off on Pouring Vessels

Suze Lindsay demonstrates the art of creating pouring vessels. You’ll learn the steps necessary to throw, alter, assemble and decorate an English style jug, handleless creamer, handleless ‘bird’ pitcher, gravy boat and saucer, a large stacked pitcher and a teapot. Suze’s easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions provide details you need to create well-designed, highly functional pots.

Lindsay Elegant Ewer

Suze Lindsay — Elegant Ewer

Posted On April 10, 2012 Comments Off on Suze Lindsay — Elegant Ewer

 In this video, Suze demonstrates her technique for creating her signature ewer using thrown and slab parts. This elegant ewer is constructed of six pieces, each requiring a range of skills from design considerations, timing, and craftmanship to the proper construction, handling and attaching of the individual parts to create a well-proportioned functional piece of art.