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Blue and White Jar, 23 in. (58 cm) in height, porcelain with inlayed cobalt pigments.

Laying it on Thick: Decorating with Slip Inlay on Bisqueware

Posted On March 22, 2010 31 Comments

If you frequent Ceramic Arts Daily, you may be familiar with the term Mishima because we’ve posted several different variations on the technique in the past. Mishima is a traditional Korean surface decorating technique that involves inlaying a colored slip into incised lines on leather-hard clay. I have found another variation on Mishima that I just had to share today. In this post, ceramic artist Steven Young Lee explains the Mishima variation that works best for his work. Instead of working with leather hard clay, Lee inlays his slip into bisqueware and then scrapes
it off with a metal rib.