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Jepson Advanced Throwing Cover

Advanced Throwing Projects and Techniques (DVD)

Posted On December 28, 2011 Comments Off

In Advanced Throwing Project and Techniques, Stephen leads
you through a series of projects, demonstrating each in from centering through
trimming. He works fast (good thing there’s a pause button) but he doesn’t miss
a step. When you’ve completed the examples, your work will take a giant leap
forward and you’ll gain the confidence you need to branch out into other forms.

Wheel Throwing Video: How to Throw Really Large Bowls on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On November 12, 2010 3 Comments

Lately, I have been working on some large bowls for a wedding present for a friend (he’s not a potter so I don’t think he’ll read this!). I’ve been frustrated, though, because I can’t seem to get past a certain size. Part of my struggle has been centering enough clay to accommodate a really big pot. So, I watched the section on bowls in Stephen Jepson’s How to Throw Large Pots DVD and got a couple of helpful tips that I am excited to try when I go to the studio on Monday. I’m sharing them with you today!

Wheel Throwing Video: How to Make a Little Teapot (Short and Stout) on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On January 22, 2010 41 Comments

I finally found a teapot video that is about as succinct as they
come – roughly 12 minutes (not bad, considering the process). And the
great thing is, it doesn’t sacrifice detail and good advice. So, sit
back and watch this excerpt from Stephen Jepson’s
Advanced Throwing
Projects and Techniques
. When you’re done, you should have a darn good
foundation for making your own little teapot.

Wheel Throwing Video: How to Throw and Facet a Pitcher on the Pottery Wheel

Posted On October 30, 2009 42 Comments

In today’s video, potter Stephen Jepson demonstrates how to throw a pitcher on the pottery wheel and then facet it with a cheese slicer. Watch the video!